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Web Design Predictions for 2017

My annual prediction articles have become something of a tradition; glimpses at the future of web design, coupled with educated guesses about what things will be important to our craft. Here are eight things web designers should keep an eye on in 2017. Last Year’s Predictions In terms of last year’s predictions, I’m happy to . . . Read more

New Course: Grids and Layout Tricks With “postcss-ant”

What You’ll Be Creating In our new course, Grids and Layout Tricks With “postcss-ant”, you’ll to learn how to use one of the most powerful, yet clean and bloat-free grid systems currently available: postcss-ant. It was created by Cory Simmons, known for his popular grid systems Jeet and Lost. What You’ll Learn Running on . . . Read more

How to Create Perfectly Centered Text With Flexbox

There’s nothing particularly impressive about horizontally centering your content; you’ve been doing it for years. But what about vertically centering your variable-height content? In this video from my course, 6 Flexbox Projects for Web Designers, you’ll learn how Flexbox tackles this problem with minimal effort.  How to Create Perfectly Centered Content With Flexbox . . . Read more

The State of SEO in 2017

At the beginning of 2016 we published an article about the state of SEO, highlighting some of the most interesting trends and novelties. As this has become something of an annual tradition, we’ve gathered more tips for 2017. Read on to discover the latest SEO techniques to help your website . . . Read more

Development for Designers: Understanding the Front-End

During the course of this article we will take a big leap into front-end development and see how it fits into our broader picture. Here’s what we’re going to cover: Understanding the front-end stack Limitations of the DOM Considerations Understanding events, states and responsiveness Understanding the Front-End Stack Rendering websites . . . Read more

New Course: JavaScript for Web Designers

What You’ll Be Creating If you want to know how to use JavaScript for common web design tasks like creating an image lightbox or a content slider, our new course JavaScript for Web Designers is for you. With guidance from Envato Tuts+ instructor Adi Purdila, you’ll learn the basics of . . . Read more