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15+ Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives

Whether you’re a photographer, a painter, or a web designer, one thing remains a constant: You need a portfolio. After all, portfolios are the time-tested, best way to give potential clients a look into your work history and methodology. I’ll give you an example. A photographer needs a portfolio to . . . Read more

New Course: Building a Landing Page That Converts

Whether you want your visitors to buy a product, sign up to your newsletter or take another action, a well-designed landing page can be a very powerful tool of persuasion. In our new course, Building a Landing Page That Converts, you’ll get a detailed step-by-step guide to building an effective . . . Read more

Getting Started With CSS Math Functions Level 4

Functional notations are part of the CSS Values and Units Module, which is also the home to useful math functions such as calc(), and as of level 4 min() and max(). These powerful functions open up incredible doorways for CSS authors that require math logic abilities within CSS. In this . . . Read more

How to be a Design Usability Champ

Here are some helpful tips on how to measure and present usability, and (more importantly) improve your UX process! Usability Whether you’re in the early stages of investigating problems to be solved, or you’re user-testing higher fidelity prototypes, “usability” is an important aspect to consider at every stage of the . . . Read more

WordPress Live: Up and Running With WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and the most popular way of bringing eCommerce to WordPress. If you’re creating an online store, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get up and running with WooCommerce! In this free live stream course, Rachel McCollin . . . Read more

How to Use CSS Gradients on the Web

In this tutorial you’ll learn about using gradients on the web. I’ll give you some examples, some exercises (such as how to create gradients for borders), and I’ll also throw in some useful resources which will make creating gradients a lot easier. Watch the Tutorial   Gradient Basics In days . . . Read more

What Are Color Fonts?

Color fonts are poised to take over the graphic design world in 2018, but what exactly are they, and how can you use them? Here we’ll sift through the tech jargon and get to the simple truth of color fonts. This unashamedly in-your-face trend promises to put the fun back . . . Read more

New Course: Icon Design With Adobe XD

How about learning to design useful icons and mastering some exciting new software at the same time? Our new short course, Icon Design With Adobe XD, will teach you how to use various tools in Adobe XD to design a selection of icons. What You’ll Learn Although this is a . . . Read more

How to Advocate for Design Among Non-Designers

Most companies don’t utilize design to their full advantage. Whether you are the solo designer in your company or feel overshadowed by non-design peers in making design decisions, here’s how and why good design equals good business. The Good News UX is no longer a completely new topic. While designers . . . Read more

5 Quick Resources for Mastering CSS Grid Layout

In today’s quick tip I’ll show you five resources for mastering CSS Grid Layout. Let’s dive in! //fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   A Quick Introduction to Grid Grid Layout is arguably one of the most significant developments for web developers since the birth of CSS. It’s a layout system specifically for use with . . . Read more