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Figma Object Selection Tips

Welcome to this, the second post in our series of Figma tips. In this video we’ll be covering three tips to do with object selection, so let’s get started! Watch Tips 1. Select All Objects With the Same Characteristics Figma lets you select a whole bunch of objects with the same . . . Read more

11 Practical Web Animation Courses

Meaningful, well-designed animation can really enhance the user experience in your websites and apps. It can tell a story, aid in navigation, and so much more. If you want to know how to use animation in your web design and development projects, look no further. We’ve put together a comprehensive . . . Read more

How to Use Responsive Resize and Constraints in Adobe XD

In this tutorial we’re going to explore some new features in Adobe XD, namely “responsive resize and constraints”. These features, added in September 2018, allow real scaling of designs within Adobe XD, giving us genuinely responsive web design capabilities.  To demonstrate these new features I’ll be using the Bones iOS . . . Read more

Figma Layers Panel Tips

Figma is fast becoming the web industry’s design and prototyping tool of choice, arguably even more so than Adobe XD and Sketch. This is the first in a series of thirteen posts, each one a small collection of Figma tips and tricks to help you learn something specific. So let’s begin . . . Read more

How to Animate a World Mental Health Day SVG Ribbon

The World Health Organization’s “World Mental Health Day” is here, 10th of October 2018, to help raise awareness around mental health issues. This year the focus is on encouraging us all to support, and get involved with, programs and services that can reach young people, ideally effectively treating issues as . . . Read more