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How to Talk About Design Decisions

Designers need to balance not only creating user experiences but also explaining what they’ve made to a larger audience of non-designers. Here’s how to articulate your design decisions to build trust with your stakeholders.  Set the Context Don’t just show mockups without setting the stage for what you are presenting. . . . Read more

Easy Ways to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

The art of copywriting is often overlooked in the path to launching a digital experience. Here are some easy and painless ways to improve your copywriting skills as a web designer.  1. Use Plain Language  Wherever you work as a designer–be it in-house, at an agency, or freelance–there is a . . . Read more

The Basics of Computational Thinking

Web designers are required to think through problems in a way that computers can understand, hence “computational thinking” is an indispensable skill set for them to have. It offers systematic tools needed to solve complex assignments from clients.  Computational thinking enables web designers to break down a problem, spot patterns . . . Read more