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Data Visualization With DataTables.js and Highcharts.js

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to visualize data by taking advantage of the DataTables.js and Highcharts.js JavaScript libraries. Here’s what we’re going to build (check out the larger version for a better experience): Required Libraries For the purposes of this example, we’ll have to load the following libraries in our pen: jQuery DataTables.js Highcharts.js . . . Read more

Web Fonts in 60 Seconds

Fonts for use on a website require files that are loaded from one of two places; the visitor’s own system, or a web server. Let’s take a quick look at web fonts in sixty seconds! Thumbnail image: “Auther”, web font by Seniors Studio Understanding Web Fonts //fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   Fonts for . . . Read more

SVG for Web Designers in 60 Seconds

Bitmap images like JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs all look awful when you scale them up, so if you want to maintain quality at large dimensions you have to increase file size. SVG images however (which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics) look exactly the same, regardless of the dimensions they’re scaled . . . Read more

Examples of Vue’s Clean Code

In the last part of this series we got Vue up and running, and addressed some of the questions beginners might ask. In this tutorial, we’re going to look a bit more into the various things Vue can do. But first, let’s talk about the view-centered nature of Vue.js. Views, . . . Read more

Foundation for Emails: How to Use Panini Partials

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial, we’ll be using ZURB’s Foundation for Emails to create a simple functioning email. We’ll explore various libraries provided by the framework, specifically “Panini”. Panini allows us to do a few things but we’ll be focusing on its partials feature. We’ll be using a design put . . . Read more

New Course: Form Validation With Parsley

If you ever have to tackle form validation, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches by taking our new short course, Form Validation With Parsley. In it, you’ll learn to do form validation the easy way, using the Parsley JavaScript library. What You’ll Learn Form validation can . . . Read more