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What’s New for Shopify Theme Developers in 2017

As some of you may know from my previous articles Shopify is a theme-based hosted commerce platform which enables you to build online stores. It’s been steadily growing over the last few years and today is the platform behind 400,000+ businesses in approximately 175 countries.  The Shopify platform is constantly . . . Read more

New Course: Getting Started With Foundation Building Blocks

You’ve probably already come across Foundation, an awesome framework that allows you to use a collection of modular and flexible components to get your project from prototype to production quickly and easily. But do you know about the latest addition, “Foundation Building Blocks”? Our new short course, Getting Started With Foundation . . . Read more

Get Rid of Dummy Content by Using lists.design

In today’s quick tip I’ll help you make your web designs and mockups as realistic as possible by getting rid of dummy content. Generic dummy text can be really helpful in giving a design “body”, but it often removes an element of context, ultimately making the design weaker. Let’s improve . . . Read more

The Benefits of Continued Learning as a Designer

Learning as a designer can mean a variety of things: from strengthening technical skills, to trading workflow tips from fellow designers, to staying up to date on industry direction and topics on the mind of the design community from online communities.  It is crucial to continue learning, even beyond the traditional . . . Read more

Learn How to Create a Prototype in Atomic

Prototyping should be a fast and easy way to gain confidence in your designs. No longer regarded purely as a way to sprinkle motion magic or over-polish designs, prototyping is a communication tool. Whether communicating with stakeholders, design managers or users, a good prototype helps to communicate design decisions and . . . Read more

Adobe Alternatives: Pixel Art

Pixel art is often viewed as just a retro style of graphics made for the purpose of nostalgia; a throwback to the early days of video games. However to me, and many other lovers of pixel art, it’s the precision, intricacy and aesthetic born of meticulously placing each pixel onto . . . Read more

Updated Course: Practical Web Animation

Our popular web design course, Practical Web Animation, gives an in-depth four-hour introduction to animating buttons, images, and other web elements. And recently we’ve updated it with three new bonus projects to help you with responsive animation, image animations, and CSS sliders. What You’ll Learn The days of animation-heavy websites . . . Read more