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The State of CSS Animation

CSS has matured in many ways over the years, not least in terms of CSS animations. With each day that passes more and more developers are creating living, breathing interfaces. In this article we’ll look at the state of CSS animations, how it has grown, what it’s capable of today and cover . . . Read more

What Exactly is a “Deliverable”?

The “deliverable”. A simple concept to understand (something you “deliver”), but difficult to explain properly. One way to describe a deliverable would be as a piece of work or an artifact that is a collective of a larger group of work. For example: a sitemap, a nav model, and a . . . Read more

New Course: Exploring Creative Web Design Patterns

Are you ready to get creative? Then try our new course, Exploring Creative Web Design Patterns. It’s a quick, half-hour dive into some of the most creative approaches to contemporary web design. What You’ll Learn Web design patterns are solutions to common design problems, and in the majority of cases . . . Read more

15 Best HTML5 Video Players

With the recent change of YouTube’s policy of requiring creators to reach 10,000 views before earning advertising revenue, we see the sun setting on the Golden Age of YouTube. Now more than ever, there is a push for creatives to develop their own video platform and sell their own advertising. . . . Read more

Building a Weather App With the DarkSky API

Building for the web is just about as much fun as anyone can have, especially when you’re working with an API to dynamically pull in data. Some might call this building “web apps”, others may call it building “web pages”. Whatever the case we’re going to build a demo to display a weather forecast using . . . Read more

A Quick Definition of “Usability Testing”

Welcome to another rapid-fire nugget of UX design goodness! In this article we’re going to talk about usability. “Usability” is the idea that a normal person should be able to use your products and find them self-explanatory, efficient, and simple. Beyond making sure that things work well and are easy . . . Read more

Top Tips and Plugins for Educators Using WordPress

As online learning continues to expand in both K-12 and postsecondary education, WordPress has become a natural choice for educators. Its ease-of-use and variety of potential uses allow for the creation of a powerful medium to reach students outside of a traditional classroom. Let’s explore some ways educators can use . . . Read more

How to Setup AMP Support for WordPress

In this tutorial we’re going to step through the ins and outs of generating valid AMP versions of your WordPress site’s posts. We’ll be doing this by using the AMP plugin created by Automattic. There are alternative plugins available you could use instead if you choose, but as we only . . . Read more

UX Design Process: Problem Solving and Testing

Let’s begin with a suitable quote: “Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” – Tim Brown The design process approaches problem solving through a data-driven approach. It . . . Read more