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How to Get Clarity For Your Design Process

When you start a new design project with a client, it’s exciting! Your first instinct may be to jump head-first into the process and start making things. But a few weeks down the road and things might change. Your client might disapprove of all the concepts, or make cuts on . . . Read more

Collaborative Interface Design With Figma

Figma is something a little bit special right now. At first glance it’s just a web based design application, but while there are other programs with similarities, what makes this one different is its capacity to cater to the specific needs of interface designers. It’s clear the people behind Figma . . . Read more

The Year That Was: 2018 in Web Design

Like an Elon Musk side project, 2018 has rocketed past at phenomenal speed. Let’s remind ourselves what’s happened in web design since last January, and take a quick look at what’s to come! January 2018 kicked off with a word of warning from the people behind ampletter.org. Is Google organising the . . . Read more

New Course: Building JavaScript Websites With Meteor

Meteor.js is a full-stack, open-source framework for building web and mobile apps. In our new course, Building JavaScript Websites With Meteor, you will learn how to use Meteor and its front-end framework, Blaze, to build a simple social networking website. In this detailed 2.2-hour course, Craig Campbell will take you . . . Read more

The Testing Phase of Design Thinking

Okay, so you’ve framed the problem, generated tons of ideas; the next step is deciding which ideas to pursue. You do that by narrowing down and selecting the most feasible ideas–these are your potential solutions. So you build prototypes for these potential solutions. You go to the user, get feedback for . . . Read more

How to Build Better Enterprise UX

While both enterprise and consumer-facing design involve finding out who the users are and what they are trying to accomplish, there are also some key differences to keep in mind.  1. Different Audience, Different Needs  When it comes to consumer audiences, the buyer is a little more straight forward. But for . . . Read more