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20 Top Education WordPress Themes: To Make School Sites

Should you use WordPress for your school website? Running a school is complicated; whether it be a kindergarten, a university, or somewhere in between (not to mention online courses, MOOCs, and speciality schools!). WordPress is ideal for school sites because it’s customizable and adaptable. Maybe you run events, you’ll need . . . Read more

How to Add WooCommerce Compatibility to Your WordPress Theme

In this beginner’s tutorial I will show you the right way to add WooCommerce compatibility to your WordPress theme. You’ll also learn how to extend it in an unobtrusive way, without editing the plugin’s core files. We’ll cover these logical steps: Getting Started Using Hooks and Actions WooCommerce Extensions 1. Declare WooCommerce Support . . . Read more

How to Quickly Add Microinteractions to Your Website

In today’s quick tip I’m going to show you how to add microinteractions to your website using a JavaScript library called micron.js. With micron.js you can add subtle animations to your web page’s elements without having to write the styles yourself–everything is done using data-attributes in your markup. Let’s take . . . Read more

Create a Broken Grid Layout Using CSS Grid

In this tutorial we’re going to use CSS Grid to help us create a “broken grid layout”, something which has always been difficult with more traditional CSS layout methods. Here’s what we’re working towards (take a look at the larger version for full effect):    This design is based on . . . Read more

How to Talk About Design Decisions

Designers need to balance not only creating user experiences but also explaining what they’ve made to a larger audience of non-designers. Here’s how to articulate your design decisions to build trust with your stakeholders.  Set the Context Don’t just show mockups without setting the stage for what you are presenting. . . . Read more