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How to Make Your Digital Photo Look Like Film

Processing photographs is an extremely fun and important part of photography. It can help polish a flat looking RAW file into something to be proud of. Making photos look unique can sometimes be very challenging, and it’s no surprise that giving images the film look is really popular. It looks . . . Read more

Quick Tip: Where to Find a Photography Model

So you’re all pumped up and ready to start making awesome portraits. You’ve got your camera, a great portrait lens, you’ve even scouted a location. Now all you need is someone to photograph. In today’s quick tip, we look at four different ways to find yourself a photography model. From . . . Read more

How to Protect Your Camera Gear While Travelling

  If there’s one must-pack item for travel, it’s a camera. It doesn’t matter whether that camera is a point-and-shoot, DSLR, video camera, or even a smartphone: there’s simply no better way to capture the sights and sounds of a destination and preserve your precious memories forever. But travel often . . . Read more