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Quick Tip: 3 Types of Eye Contact in Photography

In today’s quick tip we’ll be exploring three types of eye contact to consider when taking a portrait, along with different situations where each may be particularly appropriate. Eye contact can make a huge difference to the impression given by your image, and is worth considering—whether it’s for a formal . . . Read more

How To Use a Gimbal: Basic Shots

  Now that you have your gimbal set up and balanced, you can theoretically go out and achieve smooth, jaw-dropping shots that were once the stuff of dreams. But on a practical level, what kind of shots are the most do-able for the single operator? A favorite shot for many . . . Read more

How to Ask a Stranger if You Can Take Their Picture

Sorry to botherYou looked amazing just nowIs a photo OK? “Backstage” at the “girlie” show at the Vermont state fair, Rutland. 1941 Sept. Jack Delano, photographer. Library of Congress. How to Photograph Strangers Street photography is the ultimate exercise in photographing strangers. Here are a few tutorials to get you . . . Read more