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How to EQ Harsh Frequencies

EQing is one of the most important parts of mixing as it allows you to shape the tones of the sounds to gel the track together. One crucial step in the EQing process is to EQ out unwanted or harsh frequencies.  This is an important step because many of the . . . Read more

20 Best Royalty Free Classical Music Tracks

Classical music is one of those genres of music that is perfect for a wide range of multimedia projects, from television or movie sound tracks and trailers to travel and lifestyle videos to business presentations and video games.  In this tutorial, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best royalty-free classical . . . Read more

Creating a Reversed Vocal Effect

One part of the the production process that often gets overlooked is smaller details or ear candy in a piece of music. This ear candy gives a track that professional touch and makes the music sound more expensive. One of the most important types of details that you can add . . . Read more

How to Sound Like Two Guitarists at Once: Part 2

In the previous tutorial, I highlighted playing techniques for fleshing out lead guitar parts. In this tutorial I’ll suggest some useful gear. Delay A common effect every guitarist should own, it’s a great way to fill out the sound. Bear the following in mind when using delay: Set feedback and mix/wet/dry . . . Read more

Piano Playing any Drummer Will Respect: Part 2

Playing piano with a drummer is not easy. It doesn’t just happen. To become an effective and satisfying team requires you to understand some very basic things. For example, you need to understand what groove is and how it’s determined by the different parts of the beat. You also need to understand just a . . . Read more

15 of the Best Uplifting and Motivational Music Kits

If you’re unfamiliar with Envato’s Music Kits, read Eric Schwarz’s tutorial Why Envato Music Kits Are the Essential Audio Solution to Any Project. Music Kits for Corporate Projects, Films, Promotional Video Trailers and More Unlike the typical music item that is usually a fixed-length track, Music Kits are song tracks that have been pre-edited . . . Read more