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20 Royalty-Free Horror Music Tracks

The witching hour is getting close. Ghouls and ghosts are emerging from their hiding places to roam the streets freely. And in this spooky time of monsters, spells and nightmares, having eerie, horror royalty-free music can add an extra sense of suspense to Halloween-themed projects.  Still, finding the right tracks . . . Read more

How to Create the Telephone EQ Effect

Creating variation and interest in songs is a must as this it what keeps the listener of the song wanting to listen through the entire track. Adding this interest to a track has never been easier.  With all the software that is on the market, you can add fx and . . . Read more

Best Royalty-Free Music for YouTube

YouTube is an amazing platform for creative people who want to share and reach millions of people with their content. And since YouTube videos are audiovisual projects with great images, you’ll need awesome music too. This can be tricky, however, as you can’t use copyright music without permission. Doing so . . . Read more

15 of the Best Royalty-Free Tracks of 2018

It’s hard to imagine, but the end of the year is getting closer and closer. This makes it the perfect opportunity to look back and analyze how the year’s been going. This post does exactly that through AudioJungle‘s best royalty-free music tracks of 2018, as rated by the platform’s users and . . . Read more

How Music Improves Mental Health

Taking a look at the world today, you can’t help being deeply concerned by the conditions in which our young people are growing up.  The strides made in science, technology, medicine and the arts are outpaced by the pollution of the natural environment on which we depend, the lack of . . . Read more

20 of the Best Royalty-Free Percussion Music Tracks

Percussion music offers a powerful and infectious way to heighten the drama and interest in your multimedia projects. In this tutorial, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best royalty-free percussion music tracks to be found at AudioJungle.  Envato Elements Stock Photo 1. Latin Percussion Carnival This energetic and catchy track brings . . . Read more

How to Create More Space for Vocals

The vocals in any song are one of the most important parts of the track as they’re the most memorable part of the song.  In order for vocals to shine through, ensure that you clear enough space in the mix to allow them to do so.  In this screencast, I’ll . . . Read more

How to Mix in High Hats

High Hats are an integral part of any production as they provide balance and interest to a track rhythmically and tonally. But producers and engineers often overlook this element during the mixing process and simply just adjust the volumes to call them mixed.  In order for the hats to provide . . . Read more