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The Guitarist’s Guide to Being a Tutor: Part 3

In the previous tutorial I covered some of the reasons why tutoring’s beneficial, as well as ways of advertising your services. In this tutorial I examine considerations for private tuition. Private Tuition This is usually one-to-one teaching conducted either at your home or theirs, typically for 30 or 60 minutes,. . . . Read more

20 Happy and Upbeat Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Music influences mood tremendously. To the point that when you hear a happy, upbeat song you start smiling and dancing to it.  If you want an audience to experience that rush of energy when experiencing your audiovisual projects, adding a good beat to them helps achieve that. To add cheerful . . . Read more

How to Create a Fat Sub Bass

The sub bass is the foundation of a song and in electronic music it can make or break the track. With this element being such an essential part of your track you need to make sure that it is provided enough low end power and weight for your song to . . . Read more

20 Best Royalty-Free Hip Hop Music Tracks

Bring a cool contemporary sound to your next multimedia project with one of our ever popular Hip Hop music tracks.  The tracks offer a mixture of rap, beat box, instrumental and vocals accents. Their chill vibe, great rhythms and catchy beats are perfect for today’s fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and . . . Read more

20 Merry Christmas Royalty-Free Tracks

‘Tis the season to walk in a winter wonderland and go on a sleigh ride. For good reason, it’s one of the most awaited seasons of the whole year. To keep winter celebrations and holiday-related audiovisual projects joyful and warm, you need the perfect royalty-free music tracks. And while the . . . Read more

3 Simple Tunings Every Recording Guitarist Should Try

There’s an infinite number of guitar tunings beyond the accepted standard of EADGBE. Open G, DADGAD… names that conjure images of slide players and folk aficionados, which some may find off-putting. Alternate tunings, however, needn’t be baffling. Having command of a few of these help to  broaden one’s usefulness as . . . Read more

Using Audio to Enhance Your Web Sites and Web Apps

What’s the proper role of audio in web design? It seems that, for as long as we’ve been building websites, designers have looked for a way to use sound effectively. Sometimes we’ve hit the mark (audio interactions within games) while other attempts are a bit more forgettable (auto-play background music). . . . Read more