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3 Simple Tunings Every Recording Guitarist Should Try

There’s an infinite number of guitar tunings beyond the accepted standard of EADGBE. Open G, DADGAD… names that conjure images of slide players and folk aficionados, which some may find off-putting. Alternate tunings, however, needn’t be baffling. Having command of a few of these help to  broaden one’s usefulness as . . . Read more

Using Audio to Enhance Your Web Sites and Web Apps

What’s the proper role of audio in web design? It seems that, for as long as we’ve been building websites, designers have looked for a way to use sound effectively. Sometimes we’ve hit the mark (audio interactions within games) while other attempts are a bit more forgettable (auto-play background music). . . . Read more

How to Create a One Knob FX Chain in Ableton

One of the most notable features of Ableton is its macro knobs and the ability to map any function to these macro knobs for audio and midi tracks.  In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a one knob fx chain using Ableton‘s macro knobs. Screencast read more

6 Alternative Tunings Every Guitarist Should Try

Consider how many hours you’ve spent crafting a sound through amplifiers, guitars and effects pedals with the intention of making it your own identity, only to feel that your lacking that certain something. An alternative tuning is what you’re looking for.  In this tutorial, I’ll explain how tuning your guitar . . . Read more

Creating Beat-Synced Effects in Ableton

Ableton Live 10’s on board audio effect plugins provide the producer with professional grade plugins that are usable in any situation. Many producers, however, don’t use these plugins to their full potential.   What many producers don’t take advantage of is the ability to create beat synced Fx with a few . . . Read more

15 Fantastic Television and Film Funk Groove Music Kits

Unlike the typical music item that is usually a fixed-length track, Music Kits are song tracks that have been pre-edited into individual musical sections that can be rearranged, like building blocks, to create custom-timed and custom-structured pieces. This means that, without musical or audio expertise or highly specialised audio software, you can . . . Read more

The 15 Most Popular Music Kits Right Now

If you’re unfamiliar with Envato’s Music Kits, read Eric Schwarz’s tutorial Why Envato Music Kits Are the Essential Audio Solution to Any Project. Music Kits for Corporate Projects, Films, Promotional Video Trailers and More Unlike the typical music item that is usually a fixed-length track, Music Kits are song tracks that have been pre-edited . . . Read more