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Making Sounds With Ragnarök

What You’ll Be Creating About the Synth Ragnarök is a VST synth if a custom made synthesizer from the eighties. The code is written in C++ code for high performance. The plugin is a collaboration between Hans Peter, for concept, graphics, user manual, and Björn Arlt for programming. Overview of . . . Read more

MIDI Inserts and Sends in Cubase

Inserts and Sends MIDI effects are similar to MIDI modifiers in that hey modify the MIDI in real time.  One thing to remember is that these effects are not affecting the audio output, but the MIDI information itself. This ensures a cleaner, and less processor intensive, effect that helps to achieve . . . Read more

Mixing Backing Vocals Efficiently and Effectively

Backing vocals are important, yet so many people neglect them. When they are mixed well, they play a supportive role that enhances the whole track—but when they’re mixed badly they can be distracting and poorly placed in the mix. Efficiency is also important when mixing backing vocals. You don’t need . . . Read more

ReWire in Cubase

ReWire allows you to stream upto 64 audio channels and ReWire2 supports upto 256 channels. ReWire helps in sharing the resources between the applications, especially to share the audio card and control the outputs of each channel via the card.  It also synchronizes the Transport of both the DAWs so . . . Read more

Virtual Drummers in Logic

One of the more inventive updates included with Logic X is the Drummer Track. This allows the user to create realtime drum tracks from a multitude of genres and playing styles, intuitively, through a simple-to-use interface.  Setting it up is a breeze and first time users can create realistic and . . . Read more