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Self-Estimation Sheet for Musicians

Self-development is a regular topic for me. I’ve embraced it throughout life. I made, however, a bigger commitment and achieved more in the last six years.  Self-improvement is important in every area of our life; it’s just as essential in the musical field. These are the skills I’ll explain: Composition . . . Read more

My Small Studio Setup Explained

In this tutorial, I’ll show you my kit list and how I use that kit. I will guide you through both hardware and software tools that will provide the basis for your own small studio set up. I started making music in 2001. Since then I’ve upgraded my studio setup . . . Read more

How to Master Electronic Music

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to professionally master an electronic music track without having to send it off to a mastering engineer.  The goal when mastering is to ensure the mix is balanced, all the elements are coming through clearly, and it is up to commercial loudness. I’ll . . . Read more

10 Compression Mistakes Everyone Makes

Compression isn’t easy to master. It’s one of the most important tools, in the toolbox, as a mixer—yet it’s also one of the hardest to grasp. Focus on having a complete understanding of how every parameter works. This will get you eighty per cent of the way there. But even . . . Read more

How to Choose a DAW That’s Right For You

Choosing a DAW, is hard. It’s a decision that will stay with you for years. With the astounding number of options available, it’s not surprising that many people deliberate this decision for weeks. But you shouldn’t. The important thing here is to make a decision—fast—and run with it. In this tutorial, . . . Read more

The Pool Window in Cubase—Part 4

Import Medium   Use the Import Medium function to import media into a project or to the Pool window by selecting the file. This is just like importing the files normally. Use the Import button from the Pool window or click on Import from the Media menu. You can import . . . Read more