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How to Create a Low Poly Tree in Cinema 4D

What You’ll Be Creating Follow this tutorial step-by-step to create a low poly tree model that you can use in video games, graphic design and illustration projects whilst learning Cinema 4D quickly. Some of the skills you’ll learn in this tutorial include creating basic 3D shapes, extrusion techniques, basic rendering techniques . . . Read more

Unity Solution for Hitting Moving Targets

What You’ll Be Creating While developing games which involve an action element, we often need to figure out a way to collide with a moving target. Such scenarios can be typically called a ‘hitting a moving target’ problem. This is particularly prominent in tower defense games or missile command like . . . Read more

Unity 2D Tile-Based ‘Sokoban’ Game

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial we will be exploring an approach for creating a sokoban or crate-pusher game using tile-based logic and a two-dimensional array to hold level data. We are using Unity for development with C# as the scripting language. Please download the source files provided with . . . Read more

Class Design in Games: Beyond RPGs

Classes are everywhere. Once the domain of RPGs, now class systems have been pushed into every type of game imaginable. We’re all familiar with the tropes of Warriors and Wizards in high fantasy, but what can we learn about class design from other games? The first question we need to . . . Read more

How to Create Realistic Water in Unity

What You’ll Be Creating Unity is a multi-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies and is used to create video games and applications for several devices such as consoles, mobile devices, computers, and even websites. Unity’s core advantages are its robustness, portability, and community; Unity targets several well-known APIs such . . . Read more