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Take Our New Short Course on Logo Design

What You’ll Be Creating As a designer, you’ll sometimes have clients asking you to design logos on very short notice. Our new short course, Creating Professional Logos in an Instant, will show you a foolproof method for creating professional-standard logos when time is limited.  What You’ll Learn In this course, . . . Read more

International Artist Feature: Switzerland

For this article in the international artist series, we turn to Switzerland, featuring six artists who create fantastic work, from stunning vector art to digital paintings and more! I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic answers. Enjoy! Simona Ceccarelli Simona is . . . Read more

How to Draw a Sloth Step by Step

What You’ll Be Creating Sloths are amazing creatures, so different from everything we know. The seem to have a very chill attitude towards life, and they’re definitely not lazy—they just don’t see the need to hurry! Sloths are also unbelievably cute, so we’re going to draw one today. It will . . . Read more