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The Portable Guitarist—Hardware

The my first tutorial, The Portable Guitarist—Using iOS as a Live Rig, I explained why an iOS-based live rig has many advantages. In this tutorial, I’ll explain the core of the set-up: the hardware. Before you start, you should consider the reason that you’ll be using the device. Consider Why . . . Read more

Envato Turns 10 Today!

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of the launch of our parent company, Envato, and we’ve got lots of celebrations planned—many of which involve giving away special discounts and other bonuses, so keep reading for details of those. Where It All Began Ten years ago today, Envato was launched with a . . . Read more

Modular Synthesis Explained

You may be wondering what is a modular synth or what is modular synthesis. In this tutorial, I’ll explain the history of modular synthesis leading to modern systems.  I’ll explain modules, systems, the history behind them and why they’re increasingly relevant to modern music. History Synthesizer and modular development began . . . Read more

File Types in Cubase

Introduction In this tutorial, I’ll explian the different file types that Cubase can use and how to employ them to help you in your daily working scenario. You will understand how to import audio from Audio CD, OMFI files, MIDI files, and so on. In my studio, many clients bring . . . Read more