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How to Draw Disney Animals

What You’ll Be Creating I’ve always loved Disney animals—expressive and human-like, yet so similar to their realistic counterparts. Their simplicity is deceptive, though—as I kid I had a hard time drawing them correctly. I didn’t know back then that there are special rules you need to follow to draw authentic . . . Read more

How to Draw a Camel

What You’ll Be Creating Camels have an unmistakable silhouette, with their humped back, short tail, long, slim legs, and a neck that dips downward and rises to a small, narrow head. The English word ‘camel’ is thought to derive from the Arabic word ‘jamāl’, which means ‘handsome’ or ‘beauty’. What . . . Read more

International Artist Feature: Iran

Welcome back to our International Artist Series. Today we’re catching up with seven incredible artists from Iran, a nation rich in history and inspiring people. I asked each artist how their country and culture influenced their work, and they delivered great responses. Maryam Khaleqi First up is the exceptional work . . . Read more