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How to Install Photoshop Actions

What You’ll Be Creating Photoshop actions feature prerecorded steps to help you achieve dynamic pictures in less time. Use them to instantly refresh your Instagram timeline, portfolio, or personal photography work. Today, we’ll learn how to install a Photoshop action from start to finish before applying a cool, faded duotone . . . Read more

How to Draw a Cartoon Nose

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial, we’ll look at different ways of drawing cartoon noses. We’ll start with the nose’s construction, and then use this in the context of experimenting with stylistic renditions of this part of the face. When in doubt, I recommend looking at references, even when . . . Read more

How to Use Photoshop Actions

What You’ll Be Creating With just one click, Photoshop actions bring you colorful and cool photo effects, no matter your experience level with the software. So today, we’ll learn how to install and use one of these incredible tools in this simple video tutorial. Watch the steps unfold in this . . . Read more

30 Best Stylish Cursive Fonts

The key to great design is to know your way around different typefaces. And one of the quickest ways to elevate your designs is with a stylish, cursive font. Check out this collection of 30 incredible script fonts you’ll want to incorporate into your next creative project! 30 Stylish Cursive . . . Read more

The 5 Problems With Fundamental Color Theory

Color theory is one of the first things graphic designers get taught about. It deconstructs the subject of color, turning it into simple rules that can be easily applied in your work. It teaches you about the color wheel, primary/secondary/tertiary colors, color temperature, color harmonies, and the psychology of color. . . . Read more

20 Best iPhone Mockups & Templates

Need an iPhone mockup for your business or app? Check out this list of resources below. 20 Best iPhone Mockups & Templates iPhone mockups help you finalize website, app, and social media designs with precision. And many online generators make the process even easier with pre-designed mockup templates. Want a . . . Read more