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How to Use Siri on a Mac

Other than the name change, the big news in macOS is that Siri has finally come to the Mac. She—and yes, I’m going with Apple’s gendered pronoun rather than the impersonal it—has been available on iOS for the past five years but this is the first time Mac-only Apple fans . . . Read more

What’s New in iOS 10

Every year around September Apple announces a new iPhone and releases the latest version of iOS. This year is no different. iOS 10, available from the 13th of September, brings some interesting new features that will change how you use iOS devices, especially iPhone. Updating to iOS 10 Like every . . . Read more

How to Make Your Own Business Cards in Word

What You’ll Be Creating Thinking of doing without business cards? Think again. Even in today’s high tech world, business cards are a great way to stay connected. You may be tempted to do without business cards. After all, social media tools are how most people stay connected these days, right? . . . Read more