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Using Monodraw to Comment Code

What You’ll Be Creating Being a freelance programmer, I often need to fix someone else’s code or move a theme from one platform to another. This leads to vast listing of uncommented code that I need to figure out.  In this tutorial, I will show you my workflow for quickly . . . Read more

Get the Most From Spotlight

Spotlight is the search tool that’s built into macOS and, before that, OS X. Over the last few generations of the Mac operating system, it’s become much more powerful.  If you normally launch applications, find files, or search Google by clicking around with the mouse, then read on; I’ll change . . . Read more

What is the Best VPN Software? For Fast WiFi Security

The internet is critical for most small businesses. Everything happens online, from managing client relationships to invoicing. The internet is the tool that lets small businesses compete around the world.  Unfortunately though, the internet isn’t always secure. Not only are there threats like viruses and other malware, but there are . . . Read more