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How to Add Links to Excel in 60 Seconds

A spreadsheet is an interactive canvass for logging data and using formulas. The cells of a spreadsheet can hold a variety of things including hyperlinks. Let’s look at two types of links in Excel that we can add to a spreadsheet.  How to Add Links in Excel to Spreadsheets Quickly . . . Read more

Automating the iPhone With Workflow III

Workflow is a powerful iOS automation app that I’ve been exploring over the last two tutorials. It doesn’t have as much control over your system as macOS automation apps like Keyboard Maestro or BetterTouchTool but it can still do a lot.  With Workflow, you string together series of actions from . . . Read more

How to Make Professional Charts in Google Sheets

Charts are visual summaries of our data. It’s much easier to find meaning in a beautifully illustrated pie chart or bar graph than a list of data. A well-placed chart in your presentation can help your audience have an “aha!” moment to understand your data. This simple pie chart, made in Google Sheets, . . . Read more

What Are Wikis, and Why Should You Use Them?

‘Wiki’ is one of the most prevalent buzzwords on the Internet, right up there with ‘cloud computing’ and ‘responsive design’. When you hear the word ‘wiki’, you most likely think immediately of Wikipedia, the famous online encyclopedia. More recently, WikiLeaks, the source of most leaked government secrets in recent years, has . . . Read more