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New Course: Real-Time Apps With Rails 5 Action Cable

What You’ll Be Creating Do you want to learn how to create a real-time app in Rails 5? If so, our new short course, Real-Time Apps With Rails 5 Action Cable, is for you. What You’ll Learn Users have come to expect real-time communication in modern web applications—data should be updated . . . Read more

The WordPress Customizer JavaScript APIs: Getting Started

The WordPress Customizer has been actively developed since its inception. The APIs are continually evolving, including the JavaScript API. However, it is one of the least documented APIs in the WordPress Codex. Hence there are only a few extensive records that show how to leverage the JavaScript API practically. Leveraging the JavaScript . . . Read more

Building RESTful APIs With Flask: The DIY Approach

REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a web development architecture design style which refers to logically separating your API resources so as to enable easy access, manipulation and scaling. Reusable components are written in a way so that they can be easily managed via simple and intuitive HTTP requests which can be GET, POST, PUT, . . . Read more

Getting Started With Paper.js: Projects and Items

You may or may not have heard of Paper.js. So, let’s begin with the question: what is Paper.js? It is a library that allows you to create and work with vector graphics. The official website describes it as the Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting.  Despite the fact that . . . Read more

Debugging With Node.js

I feel that debugging is as crucial a part of the development cycle as any other. So it’s always good practice to demystify the job of debugging, making it easier and less time-consuming, so that we can end work on time and reduce stress.  Like the majority of languages out there, Node provides . . . Read more

Animate Your React Native App

Animation is an important part of user experience design. It serves as feedback on user actions, informs users of system status, and guides them on how to interact with the interface.  One of the tools that I’m using to create cross-platform mobile apps is React Native, so in this tutorial I’ll walk you . . . Read more

Get Started With Firebase for Android

Mobile applications need a back-end server in order to perform tasks such as authenticating users and synchronizing user data across multiple devices. Creating such a server, however, requires a skill set that most independent app developers lack. Fortunately, there are several back-end as a service platforms, often called BaaS, you . . . Read more

New Coffee Break Course on React Router

What You’ll Be Creating When creating a single-page web app, routing is how we break up the various functional areas. Routing lets us use URLs to navigate between the logical pages of the application, without having to refresh the browser page. When working with React apps, React Router is the . . . Read more