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Host a Parse SDK Backend for Your iOS App on back{4}app

What You’ll Be Creating About Parse SDK and back{4}app You may have read that Facebook is shutting down Parse, but don’t worry that the Parse SDK will die. Facebook will retire the parse.com hosting service in January 2017, but the Parse SDK has been made open source . This means that the Parse . . . Read more

Getting Started With Paper.js: Paths and Geometry

In my previous tutorial, I covered the installation process and project hierarchy in Paper.js. This time I will teach you about paths, segments, and their manipulation. This will enable you to create complex shapes using the library. After that, I would like to cover a few basic geometric principles that . . . Read more

Quiz: Do You Know How to Secure WordPress?

Do you think you know how to secure WordPress? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of WordPress security. WordPress Secure Setup Guide WordPress is, generally speaking, a relatively easy system to install and have ready to work on in a short space of time. However, it’s also easy to . . . Read more

Getting Started With Ionic: Cordova

What You’ll Be Creating In this final installment in the Getting Started with Ionic series, you’ll learn how to leverage Cordova to add device hardware capabilities to your app. We’ll look at how to use features like geolocation and I’ll show you how integrate with the ngCordova library to finish up our app. . . . Read more

Get Started With an Android App Template in 60 Seconds

Android app templates from CodeCanyon can jump start your app development. This video will show you how to get started with your own app in only 60 seconds!   Universal Android WebView App Template The Universal Android WebView App template, which is built by robotemplates, lets you quickly convert your . . . Read more

Filtering the Payment Methods by Cart Weight in OpenCart

As a developer, you’ll often have to face a scenario that forces you to alter the core behaviour of a framework. If that’s something that is already provided by the admin UI or something similar, you’re good to go! But you’ll need more than that in the case of complex customizations—you’ll . . . Read more