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How to Define State With Angular UI-Router

//fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   UI-Router is a flexible and powerful alternative for AngularJS routing. UI-Router goes beyond the Angular team’s own ngRoute module by building in support for nested routes and for events triggered by route changes. In this short video from my course, Single-Page Apps With Angular UI-Router, you’ll learn what states . . . Read more

How to Handle Exceptions in Elixir

Exception handling is a great practice for any software development methodology. Whether it’s for test-based development, agile sprints, or a hacking session with just a good old todo list, we all can benefit from ensuring our bases are covered with a robust approach to defect handling.  It’s paramount to ensure errors are . . . Read more

Dynamic Page Templates in WordPress, Part 2

In part 1 of this tutorial series I introduced the basic concept of dynamic page templates and created a standard page template as a foundation for future work. A WordPress child theme based on the Twenty Seventeen parent theme was used to implement the page template. In this tutorial, you’ll . . . Read more

Building Your Startup: Securing an API

What You’ll Be Creating Welcome to the Building Your Startup With PHP series, which is guiding readers through the launch of an actual startup, Meeting Planner. Each episode details different coding and business challenges, with detailed examples you can use to learn. Introduction Recently, I introduced you to Yii’s simple REST API generation and . . . Read more

How to Use Android O’s Autofill Framework

Auto form fill, often shortened to just autofill, is a feature browsers have supported for years now. Most of us use it all the time. I, for one, find it indispensable during tasks such as filling out a registration form or completing a checkout process. The latest release of Android, Android . . . Read more

Swift Animation Basics

//fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   In my recent course Go Further With Swift, I showed you how to code a functional iOS weather app with live weather data, custom UI components, and some slick animations to bring everything to life. In this video tutorial from the course, you’ll see how to start adding . . . Read more

Quick Tip: Enumerations in Swift

Enumerations are a common design pattern in many programming languages. While you may be familiar with enumerations in C and Objective-C, Swift’s implementation of enumerations is significantly more powerful and flexible. In this quick tip, you’ll learn what’s special about enumerations in Swift, how to use them in your projects, . . . Read more

Try Our Course on PHP Design Patterns With a Free Trial

What You’ll Be Creating No matter what your level of skill, studying design patterns can make your code better. They are solutions to problems that every developer faces with just about every application that they write.  In our comprehensive course, PHP Design Patterns, Envato Tuts+ instructor Jeremy McPeak will walk . . . Read more