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10 More Popular HTML5 Projects for You to Use and Study

Without a doubt, HTML5 has established itself as the best way to build applications in a multimedia rich world. In so doing it has brought about several huge advancements in web technology. For example, HTML5 provides superior support for vector graphics and interactive online features like file sharing and photo . . . Read more

Understand the Basics of Laravel Middleware

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Laravel framework to understand the concept of middleware. The first half of the article begins with an introduction to middleware and what it’s actually used for. As we move on, we’ll cover how to create custom middleware in a Laravel application. After . . . Read more

Iterating Fast With Django & Heroku

Launching an online business can prove to be seriously complicated. Although on paper, it’s way easier to create an online business than a bricks-and-mortar one, an entrepreneur can get lost in the multitude of options. Some of the most common pitfalls an online entrepreneur gets stuck in include: Building too . . . Read more

How to Define and Implement a Go Interface

Go’s object-oriented model revolves around interfaces. I personally believe that interfaces are the most important language construct and all design decisions should be focused on interfaces first.  In this tutorial, you’ll learn what an interface is, Go’s take on interfaces, how to implement an interface in Go, and finally the . . . Read more

Coding an Android App With IBM Watson Machine Learning

In early 2011, a natural language understanding computer system called IBM Watson was able to beat all human contestants in a quiz-like game show called Jeopardy! It was an historic event and was perhaps the point when the general public started to realize that artificial intelligence was no longer the . . . Read more

Creating a jQuery Plugin for Long Shadow Design

What You’ll Be Creating Long shadow design is a variation of flat design to which shadows are added, creating the illusion of depth and resulting in a design that looks three-dimensional. In this tutorial we will be creating a jQuery plugin that will allow us to easily transform a flat . . . Read more

Android Design Patterns: The Singleton Pattern

What Is the Singleton Pattern? The Singleton Pattern is a software design pattern that guarantees a class has one instance only and a global point of access to it is provided by that class. Anytime multiple classes or clients request for that class, they get the same instance of the class. This . . . Read more

How to Register & Use Laravel Service Providers

If you’ve ever come across the Laravel framework, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of service containers and service providers. In fact, they’re the backbone of the Laravel framework and do all the heavy lifting when you launch an instance of any Laravel application. In this article, we’re going . . . Read more