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New Course: How to Hack Your Own App

Why would you want to hack your own app? To find the security flaws before someone else does—and before your users’ data is compromised.  In our new course, How to Hack Your Own App, you’ll learn how to find common security vulnerabilities using a web proxy scanner. Most importantly, you’ll get . . . Read more

20 Best Visual Composer Add-ons & Extensions of 2017

With over one million users worldwide, the ever popular drag and drop page builder, Visual Composer, has inspired a legion of developers to create loads of cool and useful addons and extensions that extend its functions and provide virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating the WordPress site of . . . Read more

Get Started With Ionic Services: Deploy

One of Ionic’s strengths is in the services that it offers on top of the framework. This includes services for authenticating users of your app, push notifications, and analytics. In this series, we’re learning about those services by creating apps which make use of them.  In this post, we’re going . . . Read more

How to Implement Your Own Data Structure in Python

Python provides full-fledged support for implementing your own data structure using classes and custom operators. In this tutorial you will implement a custom pipeline data structure that can perform arbitrary operations on its data. We will use Python 3. The Pipeline Data Structure The pipeline data structure is interesting because . . . Read more

How to Install Yii on Windows or a Mac

What You’ll Be Creating Want to know more about Yii? Read Introduction to the Yii Framework and follow our Yii Programming series. Welcome In today’s tutorial, we’ll explain how to install Yii in a local development environment for both Windows and macOS. For the Windows guide, we’ll rely on WAMP Server, a Windows web . . . Read more

10 Best PHP URL Shortener Scripts

The offering of PHP URL shortener scripts bring as much variety and varying degrees of complexity as any other web development solution. Self-hosted URL shorteners can be set up exclusively for private use, but they can also be used for public use as well. There are a great number of . . . Read more

What Is a JavaScript Operator?

//fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   In JavaScript, special characters like + and -, punctuation and more can be used in different combinations to perform operations. In this video tutorial from my JavaScript Fundamentals course, you’ll see how JavaScript operators work.  You’ll learn about the behaviour of some of the more basic operators like arithmetic operators, assignment . . . Read more