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Programming With Yii2: Security

If you’re asking, “What’s Yii?” check out Introduction to the Yii Framework, which reviews the benefits of Yii and includes an overview of  Yii 2.0. In this Programming With Yii2 series, I’m guiding readers in use of the Yii2 Framework for PHP. If you’re planning to share your application with the public, you’ll need it to . . . Read more

Getting Started With the Asset Pipeline, Part 2

By the end of this article you should have a good understanding of the features of the Asset Pipeline in Rails that beginners usually have a tricky time with. You will also have a good introductory grasp of compilation, fingerprinting, caching, minification, and compression. The pipeline gives you a lot . . . Read more

Get Started With an iOS App Template in 60 Seconds

iOS app templates from CodeCanyon can jump-start your app development. This video will show you how to get started with your own app in only 60 seconds!   Universal for iOS App Template Hey there, folks. Derrick Jensen here to tell you that integrating content from the web into your mobile . . . Read more

New Course: Angular Testing Inside Out

Unit testing is a key tool for ensuring the correctness of our software, and Angular apps are no exception! In fact, part of what makes Angular so amazing is that it’s a framework written from the ground up with testing in mind. In our new course, Angular Testing Inside Out, . . . Read more

Building Your Startup: Delivering Notifications

What You’ll Be Creating This tutorial is part of the Building Your Startup With PHP series on Envato Tuts+. In this series, I’m guiding you through launching a startup from concept to reality using my Meeting Planner app as a real-life example. Every step along the way, I’ll release the Meeting Planner code as open-source . . . Read more

Upgrade Your App to iOS 10

In this article, I would like to talk about iOS 10 and what you need to do to prepare your apps for iOS 10.  As with every major release, iOS 10 introduces a slew of changes and enhancements. Some are required, others are recommended, and there are also a few . . . Read more

20 Useful PHP Contact Forms on CodeCanyon

Just about every website needs to have a contact form. Not only can it help cut down the amount of spam from those acquiring a direct email address, it can also help leverage the exchange into something more. Ask for a newsletter sign-up, enable a file upload, set up an . . . Read more

What’s New in OpenCart 2.3

In this article, I’m going to spotlight some of the key features introduced in OpenCart 2.3.  If you’re an OpenCart developer who is familiar with earlier OpenCart versions, OpenCart 2.3 brings a couple of surprises for you. Of course, it’s expected to have something exciting in each new version along with . . . Read more