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10 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts

As a freelancer and someone who works with a small business, I have experienced the pain points of project management. The solution is usually an ever-changing mix of various apps and services that never feel quite right. I am always interested in trying something new since there always seems to be . . . Read more

New Course: Instant Webpack 2

What You’ll Be Creating The much-anticipated version 2 of the JavaScript module loader and bundler Webpack is now available, so why not learn all about it in our new course, Instant Webpack 2. In this course, instructor Dan Wellman will show you how to take a sample front-end web project and . . . Read more

Android O: Phone Number Verification With SMS Tokens

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the cool new SMS token feature in Android O. You’ll learn how to generate an app-specific token that will fire up a pending intent when the device first receives a message containing that token so as to verify the phone number.  Kindly note that . . . Read more

Introducing NumPy

Numeric is a package that was originally developed by Jim Hugunin. It is considered the ancestor of NumPy, a Python library and an open-source project created by Travis Oliphant which stands for Numerical Python. Travis created NumPy by incorporating features of the Numarray package into Numeric.  The fundamental idea of NumPy is support . . . Read more

Unit Testing in React: Shallow vs. Static Testing

//fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   In my course on Unit Testing React Components, I showed you how to use Enzyme, the Airbnb unit-testing library, to unit test React components. Enzyme gives us a couple of different types of ways to render React components. In this video from the course, we’ll look at the difference between . . . Read more

Working With the File System in Elixir

Working with the file system in Elixir does not really differ from doing so using other popular programming languages. There are three modules to solve this task: IO, File, and Path. They provide functions to open, create, modify, read and destroy files, expand paths, etc. There are, however, some interesting . . . Read more

How to Add CAPTCHAs to Android Apps

If you are developing an Android application that needs to interact with your back-end server, it is important that you take steps to defend it against bots—automated scripts that try to pass for human. Otherwise, your server stands a very real chance of being overrun by them. CAPTCHAs, short for . . . Read more

Get Started With the WPCOM.js WordPress API

The new WPCOM.js library lets you harness the power of WordPress to build a free and easy-to-update back-end for your web or mobile apps. In our new short course, Get Started With the WPCOM.js WordPress API, you will learn how to use WPCOM with a WordPress.com site.  What You’ll Learn . . . Read more

15 Best iOS App Templates of 2017

Building an app used to be the domain of hardcore developers only, but with over 1,400 app templates for sale at CodeCanyon, even complete beginners to coding can build an app. But what is an app template, you might ask. Well, essentially, it’s an app with core functions already implemented . . . Read more

Should You Use a PHP Framework? Five Pros and Cons

From routing HTTP requests to accessing the database and rendering the user interface, most web applications have a lot in common with each other. Many of them allow their visitors to sign in, and it’s hard to imagine a web application without email sending.  A software framework is a way . . . Read more