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Updating Your App for iOS 11

What You’ll Be Creating In addition to feature development and bug fixes, iOS developers have to keep tabs on what’s announced yearly at WWDC. Amidst the notable new SDKs announced, there are some changes that iOS devs will need to roll out to keep their apps platform-compliant. With Swift having . . . Read more

TypeScript for Beginners, Part 3: Interfaces

We began this series with an introductory tutorial that introduced you to different TypeScript features. It also taught you how to install TypeScript and suggested some IDEs that you can use to write and compile your own TypeScript code.  In the second tutorial, we covered different data types available in . . . Read more

Building With Vue.js 2 and Firebase

Introduction Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you develop high-quality apps and grow your business. In this tutorial, you will make good use of one of Firebase’s awesome features: the Realtime Database.  You will build a single page application to create books. This book will be saved to your Firebase . . . Read more

Mobile Development Tools

Traditional desktop app development is dominated by large-scale software companies with huge workforces, sometimes scattered around the globe. However, the mobile app development industry is quite different. Its ecosystem has created a new breed of small-scale and highly efficient developers. Its dominant players are powered by innovation and efficiency, rather than by . . . Read more

TypeScript for Beginners, Part 2: Basic Data Types

After reading the introductory TypeScript tutorial, you should now be able to write your own TypeScript code in an IDE that supports it and then compile it to JavaScript. In this tutorial, you will learn about different kinds of data types available in TypeScript. JavaScript has seven different data types: . . . Read more

New Course: PHP Fundamentals

Do you want a comprehensive introduction to PHP? Like seven-hour, 34-video comprehensive? Then try our new course, PHP Fundamentals. What You’ll Learn In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Jeremy McPeak will teach you the fundamentals of PHP. You’ll start with the very basics, using variables and writing simple loops and . . . Read more

Testing a Node.js API

Introduction Tests are important; they provide a safeguard for your applications or APIs. As beginners, it is possible to be oblivious of the need to write tests that cover the important parts of what you are building. Yet you will meet with it as you make progress as a developer. . . . Read more

Tools for React Native Development

Tools, libraries, and services are an important part of every developer’s life, no matter which environment you’re developing for. And React Native is no exception. In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best UI frameworks, libraries, components, development tools, and web services which will make you a . . . Read more

Best Unique Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins

Though Bootstrap contains a great selection of useful plugins, there’ll always be those times when you need some extra functionality. Luckily, Bootstrap is pretty extendible and there are loads of JavaScript plugins available that will instantly add a desired behaviour and save you a whole lot of time and effort. . . . Read more

An Introduction to Elixir Applications

In my previous articles we have discussed various Elixir terms and written a hefty amount of code. What we have not discussed, however, is how to structure and organize your code so that it is easy to maintain and release.  Applications are very common for Erlang and Elixir and are used . . . Read more