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Get Started With Firebase Authentication for iOS

Firebase is a cross-platform real-time mobile database platform that allows coders to focus on what they do best—coding their apps—without having to worry about DevOps concerns like server infrastructure and database modeling.  Backed by Google, Firebase takes the complexities out of dealing with back-end real-time databases, authenticating users, and working . . . Read more

Getting Started With Matter.js: The Body Module

In the previous tutorial of the series, you learned about the World and Engine modules in Matter.js. The methods available in these two modules are meant to control the behavior of multiple bodies or the whole world at once. However, at some point it will become necessary to have control . . . Read more

What Are GitHub Pull Requests?

//fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   If you want to work with other developers, you’ll need to understand Git—the most widely used system for version control and sharing code.  In a series of quick Coffee Break Courses on Envato Tuts+, I explained some of the most important concepts in Git, such as branches, states, . . . Read more

Getting Started With Matter.js: Introduction

Matter.js is a 2D rigid body physics engine written in JavaScript. This library can help you easily simulate 2D physics in the browser. It offers a lot of features like the ability to create rigid bodies and assign physical properties like mass, area or density to them. You can also . . . Read more

10 More Popular HTML5 Projects for You to Use and Study

Without a doubt, HTML5 has established itself as the best way to build applications in a multimedia rich world. In so doing it has brought about several huge advancements in web technology. For example, HTML5 provides superior support for vector graphics and interactive online features like file sharing and photo . . . Read more

Understand the Basics of Laravel Middleware

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Laravel framework to understand the concept of middleware. The first half of the article begins with an introduction to middleware and what it’s actually used for. As we move on, we’ll cover how to create custom middleware in a Laravel application. After . . . Read more

Iterating Fast With Django & Heroku

Launching an online business can prove to be seriously complicated. Although on paper, it’s way easier to create an online business than a bricks-and-mortar one, an entrepreneur can get lost in the multitude of options. Some of the most common pitfalls an online entrepreneur gets stuck in include: Building too . . . Read more