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Design Patterns for Communication Between Vue.js Component

As developers, we want to produce manageable and maintainable code, which is also easier to debug and test. To make this possible, we adopt best practices known as patterns. Patterns are proven algorithms and architectures, which help us to do particular tasks in an efficient and predictable way.  In this . . . Read more

20 Best Social Plugins for WordPress

With around 3 billion people in the world using social media, you can’t afford not to use social plugins on your WordPress site.  Adding social widgets, such as the Facebook like button, Twitter buttons and social share buttons can help to drive some of those billions to your site and . . . Read more

New Short Course: WordPress SEO Without Plugins

We all want our sites to be SEO-friendly, don’t we? A boost in search engine ranking can result in huge increases in traffic and sales. In our new short course, WordPress SEO Without Plugins, you’ll learn some techniques and best practices you can use for better SEO on your WordPress . . . Read more

The Binary Search Algorithm in JavaScript

What You’ll Be Creating In this post, I’ll compare linear search and binary search algorithms. You’ll see pseudocode for each algorithm, along with examples and a step-by-step guide to implementing each. Introduction As a programmer, you want to find the best solution to a problem so that your code is . . . Read more