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Best Coupon Plugins for WooCommerce

Offering discounts on your online store’s products is a great business strategy for increasing sales and profits! With the help of some of the top WooCommerce coupon plugins on CodeCanyon, you can integrate discount coupons into your online store. In this post, I’ve researched the top WooCommerce coupon plugins, so . . . Read more

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins of 2019

You must have a strong social media presence for your business to thrive in today’s social media driven world.  The main asset to your business is getting your audience’s attention and today their attention is on social media.  Having a strong social media presence will help your business garner attention . . . Read more

New Course: The Complete Guide to Migrating WordPress

Migrating a WordPress site can be a tricky process, and there’s a lot that can go wrong along the way. Our new course, The Complete Guide to Migrating WordPress, will help you avoid the pitfalls and do it the right way. What You’ll Learn When you’ve finished developing a WordPress . . . Read more

20 Best PHP Email Forms

Email forms have many shapes and sizes. Sure, there’s the classic “contact form” you’ll find on just about every website, but sometimes you need something more robust—or maybe you should be using something more advanced in the first place? Different kinds of websites need different form features. Many of them . . . Read more

Best Ways to Create an Image Slider for WordPress

The use of image sliders and hero images has become ubiquitous in web design. If you think of your three favorite websites, it’s likely that at least one features a large image slider front-and-center on their home page. When it comes to adding one of these sliders to your own . . . Read more

Best WordPress Newsletters Plugins of 2019

Create an email marketing campaign and build your subscriber base—is this on your to-do list? It can be done, and there are some great tools to help you! Using WordPress newsletter plugins, you can convert site visitors to subscribers, then build a campaign to engage your list in a timely . . . Read more