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Charting Using Plotly In Python

Data visualization is a way to understand large chunks of data. Certain trends and patterns might go unnoticed in text based format, so data visualization makes it easier to understand what the data is trying to say by visualizing it using different charts. From the official documentation, plotly.py is an interactive, browser-based . . . Read more

How to Create an App

There are several ways to create a mobile application. Do you want to know what the best way is? It depends. What technologies do you have experience with? What platforms are you targeting? How much time do you want to spend building your application? After the introduction of the iPhone . . . Read more

New Course: Code a Single-Page App With Laravel and Vue.js

What You’ll Be Creating Want to add more responsiveness and interactivity to your Laravel app? Try using the cutting-edge Vue.js JavaScript framework to create a fluid, responsive single-page app. You’ll learn how to do it from start to finish in our comprehensive new course, Code a Single-Page App With Laravel and . . . Read more

20 Best WordPress Login Forms on CodeCanyon

WordPress natively incorporates user profiles and access levels. It only makes sense that it can be easily used for membership sites, directories, and more. This is one of the reasons why those building with WordPress find themselves wanting to change up WordPress login forms. Sometimes you need to modify your . . . Read more

Project Management Considerations for Your WordPress Project

Lean, Agile, Waterfall; there are dozens of project management methodologies out there, and each one works to abstract your project into a common series of tasks and formulas.  When it comes to software engineering, this can become complicated. For instance, it can cause issues between developers and managers whose organization . . . Read more

Introduction to the CSS Grid Layout With Examples

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial, I will cover the basics of the CSS grid layout with example scenarios. CSS Grid is supported by almost all modern browsers now, and it is ready to be used in production. Unlike other layout methods such as flexbox, the grid layout gives . . . Read more

Take a First Look at WordPress Gutenberg in Our New Course

Gutenberg is a brand-new editing interface that’s set to revolutionise the way people use WordPress. Are you ready for the change?  Our new Coffee Break Course, First Look at WordPress Gutenberg, is the perfect way to get up to speed. In this quick, ten-minute video training course, Rachel McCollin will show you how . . . Read more

What Is Vue.js?

What is Vue.js? In short, it’s a progressive framework for building user interfaces using HTML and JavaScript. If you’d like a more detailed explanation, watch this quick video from my course, A Designer’s Introduction to Vue.js. What Is Vue.js? //fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   Getting Started With Vue.js Let’s talk briefly about what . . . Read more