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Google Flutter From Scratch: Using Firebase Services

With Google Firebase, one of the most powerful and versatile serverless platforms available today, you can effortlessly add essential features such as user management, crash reporting, analytics, real-time data storage, and even machine learning to your mobile apps. To be able to work with the platform while using the Flutter . . . Read more

How to Create a WordPress Landing Page Template

What You’ll Be Creating One of the purposes of a website is to generate leads. This can happen a number of ways: you might have a form for people to contact you for a specific quote, you might encourage people to create an account when buying goods on your site, . . . Read more

Learn How to Make PHP Forms in Our New Course

If you already know the basics of the PHP language and have created some simple scripts or applications, you might be wondering about your next step. Why not extend your skill set by taking our new short course, Practice PHP and Learn: Forms. What You’ll Learn In this short course, . . . Read more

How We Test for Accessibility at Envato (Tools and Tips)

Tackling the challenge of creating an accessible website–or making an existing website accessible–can sometimes be a difficult task. It can be awkward to understand exactly how a user with low-vision, for example, might use a website. Naturally, it can be difficult for us to be happily satisfied that our sites . . . Read more

Angular Authentication With JWT

Security is an important part of every web app, and devs must ensure that they design apps with secure authentication. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement JWT-based authentication in Angular apps with the help of a simple Express server. The full code can be found in our GitHub . . . Read more

10 Stunning Ionic App Templates

Ionic is a popular framework for creating modern, hybrid, mobile applications, using the wildly popular Angular framework. Because developers can use technologies they are already familiar with (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), the learning curve isn’t that steep to create a full-featured mobile app for Android and iOS. CodeCanyon offers a wide range of ready-made app . . . Read more

How to Zip and Unzip Files in PHP

Compressing files when transferring them over the internet has a lot of advantages. In most cases, the combined total size of all the files in the compressed format comes down by a nice margin. This means that you will save some of your bandwidth, and users will also get faster . . . Read more

How to Use the Symfony Event Dispatcher for PHP

Today, we’re going to learn how to use the Symfony event dispatcher component, which allows you to create events and listeners in your PHP applications. Thus, different components of your application can talk to each other with loosely coupled code. What Is the Symfony Event Dispatcher Component? You may be . . . Read more