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Introduction to Python Generators

Generators make it easy to create iterations in Python and in return write less code. This tutorial will introduce you to Python generators, their benefits, and how they work. Basics A generator is a function that returns a generator object on which you can call the next() method, so that for . . . Read more

Build a Music App With an Android App Template

What You’ll Be Creating Developing a beautiful user interface for Android apps can be a time-consuming endeavour. Here are some of the steps we typically go through to design an app: We begin to brainstorm and then draw (with paper and pen) what the UI should look like. In other words, . . . Read more

How to Update Your App for iOS 11: Drag and Drop

What You’ll Be Creating iOS 11 has elevated iOS, in particular for the iPad, into a true multi-tasking platform, thanks to Drag and Drop. This promises to blur the boundaries between apps, allowing content to be shared easily. Taking advantage of multi-touching, iOS 11 enables content to be moved in a . . . Read more

Inheritance and Extending Objects With JavaScript

If you are familiar with object-oriented programming, you are most likely familiar with subclassing and inheritance. However, inheritance has been getting a bad rap. I believe that is because some developers see it as a catch-all solution when you need to modify a program. The problem with this is that . . . Read more

Store Everything With Elixir and Mnesia

In one of my previous articles I wrote about Erlang Term Storage tables (or simply ETS), which allow tuples of arbitrary data to be stored in memory. We also discussed disk-based ETS (DETS), which provide slightly more limited functionality, but allow you to save your contents to a file. Sometimes, . . . Read more

New WordPress Course: Adding Hooks to Your Themes

Do you have ten minutes to spare? Do you want to understand how to use WordPress hooks? If so, our new Coffee Break Course, WordPress Coding Basics: Adding Hooks to Your Themes, is ideal for you.  In this super-quick course, Rachel McCollin will show you how to add action hooks . . . Read more

Create the Perfect Carousel, Part 3

This is the third and final part of our Create the Perfect Carousel tutorial series. In part 1, we evaluated the carousels on Netflix and Amazon, two of the most heavily used carousels in the world. We set up our carousel and implemented touch scroll. Then in part 2, we . . . Read more

Create the Perfect Carousel, Part 2

Welcome back to the Create the Perfect Carousel tutorial series. We’re making an accessible and delightful carousel using JavaScript and Popmotion‘s physics, tween and input tracking capabilities. In part 1 of our tutorial, we took a look at how Amazon and Netflix have created their carousels and evaluated the pros . . . Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Android Layout

While Activity handles user interaction with your app, Layout determines how the app should look. In this post, you’ll learn how a layout defines the visual structure for a user interface, such as the UI for an activity or app widget. The Layout The Layout file is an XML file . . . Read more

Make Your Go Programs Lightning Fast With Profiling

Go is often used for writing distributed systems, advanced data stores, and microservices. Performance is key in these domains.  In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to profile your programs to make them lightning fast (utilize the CPU better) or feather light (use less memory). I will cover CPU and memory . . . Read more