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15+ Best Agency WordPress Themes: For Creative Site Designs

Running a successful agency is no small feat.  Whether you’re providing photography services, design services, want to showcase your architect’s portfolio or any other type of creative work, one thing is sure—you need a professional looking website. A professional website makes it easy to attract new clients and show them . . . Read more

How to Make a Media Kit for Your Small Business

One of the best ways to get your small business noticed is to get featured in major publication or appear on local TV. It leads to major exposure and traffic which in turn generates more sales and gives you social proof that you can proudly display on your website. Unfortunately, . . . Read more

When is Social Media a Waste of Your Time and Money?

You’ve got a Facebook Page for your business. You’ve probably got a Twitter account too, and maybe even Instagram and Pinterest account.  You’ve been told time and time again by gurus, experts, marketers and bloggers, that small businesses need a social media presence.  But have you ever stepped back and . . . Read more

7 Top Pricing Structures to Help Boost Your Profit

In a recent tutorial, we looked at the main pricing strategies for your small business. We looked at three main strategies: Cost-based pricing Customer-based pricing Competitor-based pricing Think of that as the foundation for setting your prices. But no matter which of those strategies you choose, there are many different . . . Read more