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How to Highlight Freelance Work on Your Resume

If you freelance do you need a resume? Some experts would argue that resumes are outdated when it comes to freelancing. The argument is that your website, portfolio, and social media presence contain enough information for a client to hire you.  While it’s true that it’s possible to get freelance . . . Read more

Is Your Side Business Idea Worth It? How to Figure It Out

While most entrepreneurs go all-in when launching a business, starting a side business isn’t unheard of. According to a report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, six percent of the American working population launch businesses while within organizations. This number might seem small, but given the employed population of the US, . . . Read more

How to Pay Yourself From Your Small Business

When you decided to become a small business owner, making money may not have been your only goal, but it was probably one of them. But often, especially in the early days of business ownership, the money can end up flowing the other way. More than two-thirds of small business . . . Read more

How to Work With Gmail Passwords Safely & Not Get Hacked

Security can be a scary issue for small business owners. With the news being filled with stories about email accounts being hacked, like the recent coverage about thousands of Yahoo accounts getting hacked (including some from Gmail), you may wonder if your own accounts are safe.  Small businesses are especially vulnerable . . . Read more

What on Earth is “Digital” Anyway?

What is digital? Seriously, take a moment to write down a two sentence description. Doing so is a lot harder than you might think. We hear the word all the time, yet there is no clear definition. We talk about digital strategy, digital revolution, digital transformation and digital design. Yet . . . Read more