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How to Succeed in Behavioral Interviews With the STAR Matrix

Behavioral-based interviews are designed to help employers understand how you’ll react in certain situations. Your future employer wants to see a track record of how you’ve handled situations in the past. Questions in behavioral based interviews might start with these common phrases: “Tell me about a time…” “Give me an example . . . Read more

18+ Best eCommerce WordPress Themes for 2018

An attractive website is crucial for an online store. The design is the first thing your visitors will notice so it’s important that your website looks inviting and provides potential customers with the best possible user experience. There are many eCommerce platforms out there. However, thanks to WooCommerce, WordPress is . . . Read more

How to Intelligently Ask for a Job Within Your Network

For many applicants, finding a job means submitting a resume to every job advertisement they see. This means online job boards, job fairs, and asking friends and family to pass along suitable opportunities. While sometimes these job-hunting approaches work, often they’re not effective. A better strategy for a job search . . . Read more