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What is the Difference Between a CV vs Resume?

Is a resume the same as a Curriculum Vitae or CV?  Short answer is no—they’re not the same. Each is used for applying to different types of jobs. Also, in various countries formatting and best practices differ. What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?  A Curriculum Vitae is longer and more . . . Read more

The Best Online Accounting Software for Your Small Business

Online accounting software is increasingly a great option for small businesses today, as it allows them to save money instead of frequently seeing a certified accountant for every financial tracking task.  Besides the cost-saving advantages of online bookkeeping software, greater convenience is another attractive benefit. Think of all the trips . . . Read more

How to Frame Your Webcam Video Like a Pro

So…you want to make a webcam video. No, not that kind of webcam video! The kind where you’re hosting a webinar, video blogging, joining an online meeting or chat, or maybe even being interviewed. It’s easier than ever to do. So why do so many webcam shots look like garbage? . . . Read more

Best Resume Format: The Ultimate Guide to PDF vs Word

Getting your resume ready can be confusing. There are many options and lots of conflicting advice. What is the best format for your resume? Many job seekers wonder. Whether you’re purchasing resume services or creating your own resume using a template, it’s important to keep up with resume trends. Using . . . Read more