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How to Add Pictures & Backgrounds in Keynote Presentations

Apple’s Keynote presentation software offers ease-of-use and powerful features. It has quickly gained popularity as a way to build powerful visual aids that support your presentation. Images are found in many presentations as a way to add visual interest or support your speaking points. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how . . . Read more

How to Install a New Site Theme Design in Drupal Quickly

Drupal is the second most popular content management system and has many benefits. It allows you to build a powerful, complex, and fast-loading website without having to learn how to code yourself. It also powers prominent websites such as WhiteHouse.gov, Weather.com, Oxford University’s website, and many others. In this post, . . . Read more

10 Best iOS App Templates for Business

If you run a business you’re always looking for tools that will enable increased productivity and maximise time and without adding to energy commitments. Happily there are a number of iOS app templates available at CodeCanyon that will help businesses do just that.  App templates are ideal for businesses and . . . Read more

18 Best Marketing WordPress Themes for 2018

A good web presence is an essential part of marketing today. We’re going to cover what makes a good marketing website, and how to create one using WordPress. The Basics of a Good Marketing Website One big mistake that many new website creators make is getting caught up in the . . . Read more