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Rigging of Hulk: Part 2

What You’ll Be Creating 1. Creating Layers Step 1 Start Maya and open the file which was saved in the last part of the tutorial. Start Maya Step 2 Create two layers for body and pant mesh and keep both layers in template mode for wire frame.  Create two layers 2. Creating . . . Read more

Rigging of Hulk: Part 1

What You’ll Be Creating This is the follow up tutorial series of Creating Hulk Using Maya and ZBrush.  In this new series of tutorials, I’ll show you the entire process from start to finish and give you a detailed, in-depth lesson on what it takes to build a intuitive rig . . . Read more

Creating Loop GIFs in Cinema 4D

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial I’ll show you how to animate and render simple geometries to create seamless looping GIF animations. I’ll cover animation, object based lighting, depth of field and how to convert the outputted video file into a GIF animation in Photoshop. Cinema 4D: Modeling, Animating, . . . Read more