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25 Awesome Overlays for Video

If you’ve developed a love for video and you don’t know about overlays, you need this article. For those who already know, and are searching for the perfect overlay, we’ve got you covered. Overlays are indispensable building blocks for adding visual variety and power to videos. Whether you want to . . . Read more

10 Easy Pieces: Broadcast Openers

Great openers stick in your mind and really help to cement your brand in the minds of your audience. Openers are, arguably, the most important part of your broadcast: your chance to make an impression and grab the attention of your viewer and excite them for what’s to come, before . . . Read more

The Circular Distortion Effect

What You’ll Be Creating Preview In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an abstract reveal animation, with Trapcode Particular, using features like the layer emitter and turbulent displace to achieve the unique visual design. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe After Effects Version: CC Difficulty:Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes Requirements The following . . . Read more

10 Easy Pieces: Explainer Videos

What is an Explainer? Explainer videos help you to describe an idea in a (usually short) visual way. The idea is to keep it simple and concise whilst also being appealing and engaging. It can be a tricky concept to master! Explainer videos are used by many people in business . . . Read more