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Quiz: Do You Know How to Secure WordPress?

Do you think you know how to secure WordPress? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of WordPress security. WordPress Secure Setup Guide WordPress is, generally speaking, a relatively easy system to install and have ready to work on in a short space of time. However, it’s also easy to . . . Read more

Getting Started With Ionic: Cordova

What You’ll Be Creating In this final installment in the Getting Started with Ionic series, you’ll learn how to leverage Cordova to add device hardware capabilities to your app. We’ll look at how to use features like geolocation and I’ll show you how integrate with the ngCordova library to finish up our app. . . . Read more

How to Work With Gmail Passwords Safely & Not Get Hacked

Security can be a scary issue for small business owners. With the news being filled with stories about email accounts being hacked, like the recent coverage about thousands of Yahoo accounts getting hacked (including some from Gmail), you may wonder if your own accounts are safe.  Small businesses are especially vulnerable . . . Read more