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Building RESTful APIs With Flask: ORM Independent

In the first part of this three-part tutorial series, we saw how to write RESTful APIs all by ourselves using Flask as the web framework. In the second part, we created a RESTful API using Flask-Restless which depends on SQLAlchemy as the ORM. In this part, we will use another Flask extension, Flask-Restful, which abstracts . . . Read more

Getting Started With Paper.js: User Interaction

After reading the first two tutorials, you should be able to create paths and some basic predefined shapes. You should also be able to simplify or flatten your paths as well as draw them on different layers and blend them together.  Even though we have come a long way, there . . . Read more

Is Your Side Business Idea Worth It? How to Figure It Out

While most entrepreneurs go all-in when launching a business, starting a side business isn’t unheard of. According to a report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, six percent of the American working population launch businesses while within organizations. This number might seem small, but given the employed population of the US, . . . Read more

What is the Best VPN Software? For Fast WiFi Security

The internet is critical for most small businesses. Everything happens online, from managing client relationships to invoicing. The internet is the tool that lets small businesses compete around the world.  Unfortunately though, the internet isn’t always secure. Not only are there threats like viruses and other malware, but there are . . . Read more

Let’s Go: Testing Golang Programs

In this tutorial I will teach you all the basics of idiomatic testing in Go using the best practices developed by the language designers and the community. The main weapon will be the standard testing package. The target will be a sample program that solves a simple problem from Project Euler. . . . Read more

iOS 10: Creating Custom Notification Interfaces

Introduction With iOS 10, Apple now allows app developers to create custom interfaces for notifications delivered to their users. The possibilities of this framework are shown in the Messages app, where you can view the conversation interface as if you were in the app itself. The framework that makes all . . . Read more