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The Basics of Design Thinking

Modern businesses and technologies have become extremely complex–interacting with them can easily alienate those they are meant to help. People need help making sense of them. Specifically, people need their interactions with technologies and other complex systems to be simple, intuitive, and pleasurable. This requires the systems of business and technology to . . . Read more

How to Draw Ears

What You’ll Be Creating If you want to learn how to draw an ear, you must first understand its construction. Although human ears look quite complicated, they can be drawn quite easily once you deconstruct them. In this tutorial I will show you such an anatomical deconstruction, and I will . . . Read more

How to Animate an Explosion in Toon Boom

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial, we will be learning effects animation and the simple concepts behind creating awesome effects. Unlike character animation, effects animation doesn’t adhere to anatomical rules. Smoke, for example, doesn’t have joints and a skeleton that limit how far it can bend around. Smoke can . . . Read more

Piano Playing any Drummer Will Respect: Part 1

Pianist and drummer (image licensed for reuse) I remember a drummer complaining to me once when he said, “I hate playing with piano players! Guitarists are just so much more rhythmic.” As a piano player, I was blown away Offended even. I always thought the piano was a very rhythmic instrument—after all, it’s . . . Read more

How to Write a Bass-line for Electronic Music

Many producers, these days, seem to struggle with writing these foundational elements. They can’t seem to find the right notes and groove that will suit the specific track that they are working on.  With the bass-line being such an important element in any track, it needs to shine through in . . . Read more