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19 Phrases You Need to Cut From Your Resume Right Now

Before you cross the two page benchmark on your resume with another bullet point, consider deleting cliché and useless information first.  It might take more time to determine what’s okay to remove, but it’s a better strategy than reducing font size or trimming the margins of your resume, which can . . . Read more

Introducing NumPy

Numeric is a package that was originally developed by Jim Hugunin. It is considered the ancestor of NumPy, a Python library and an open-source project created by Travis Oliphant which stands for Numerical Python. Travis created NumPy by incorporating features of the Numarray package into Numeric.  The fundamental idea of NumPy is support . . . Read more

SpriteKit Basics: Putting It All Together

What You’ll Be Creating In this post we’ll build a simple game from scratch. Along the way, we’ll touch on some of the most important aspects of the SpriteKit library. This post builds on what we’ve learned earlier in the SpriteKit Basics series. If you want to refresh your SpriteKit . . . Read more

Updated Course: Practical Web Animation

Our popular web design course, Practical Web Animation, gives an in-depth four-hour introduction to animating buttons, images, and other web elements. And recently we’ve updated it with three new bonus projects to help you with responsive animation, image animations, and CSS sliders. What You’ll Learn The days of animation-heavy websites . . . Read more