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Speeding Up Python With Cython

Cython is a superset of Python that lets you significantly improve the speed of your code. You can add optional type declarations for even greater benefits. Cython translates your code to optimized C/C++ that gets compiled to a Python extension module.  In this tutorial you’ll learn how to install Cython, . . . Read more

Foundation for Emails: How to Use Panini Partials

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial, we’ll be using ZURB’s Foundation for Emails to create a simple functioning email. We’ll explore various libraries provided by the framework, specifically “Panini”. Panini allows us to do a few things but we’ll be focusing on its partials feature. We’ll be using a design put . . . Read more

New Course: Form Validation With Parsley

If you ever have to tackle form validation, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches by taking our new short course, Form Validation With Parsley. In it, you’ll learn to do form validation the easy way, using the Parsley JavaScript library. What You’ll Learn Form validation can . . . Read more

Package Management in Laravel

In this article, we’ll go ahead and explore the package management feature in the Laravel framework. In the course of the article, we’ll go through a real-world example to demonstrate the purpose of the article. Package management in Laravel is an important feature that allows you to bundle a piece . . . Read more

How to Create Your Own Local Premium URL Shortener Service

You will encounter some very long URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) on the internet. Many sites put information about your visit into the URL: items like language, location, identification, reference codes for specials, and many other items. This makes for very long URLs. Premium URL Shortener on CodeCanyon Premium URL Shortener . . . Read more