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How to Draw Leather

What You’ll Be Creating Leather is a very durable and pretty material, and it’s been used widely from the earliest days of humankind. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a beautiful, shiny leather dress and an old leather belt. You can use the techniques shown here . . . Read more

Serverless Apps With Firebase Cloud Functions

Firebase’s goal is to help developers build better apps and grow them into successful businesses. By taking care of your app back-end or infrastructure, Firebase lets you focus on solving problems for your users. One of the new exciting features announced at the Google Cloud Next ’17 Conference this March . . . Read more

List Comprehensions in Python

List comprehensions provide you a way of writing for loops more concisely. They can be useful when you want to create new lists from existing lists or iterables. For example, you can use list comprehensions to create a list of squares from a list of numbers. Similarly, you could also use . . . Read more

Uploading With Rails and Paperclip

This is the last article in the “Uploading with Rails” series. In the past couple of months we have already discussed the Shrine, Dragonfly, and Carrierwave gems. Today’s guest is Paperclip by Thoughtbot, a company which manages gems such as FactoryGirl and Bourbon. Paperclip is probably the most popular attachment . . . Read more