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3 Changes to Lightroom Mobile Unlock New Powers

Photographers rejoiced when Adobe launched Lightroom Mobile in 2014. The ability to keep working with your Lightroom catalog away from your desk was a long-awaited extension of the popular image manager and photo-processing platform. However, many of the features that photographers loved from Lightroom were absent from the mobile app. . . . Read more

How Fashion Influences Design

Take a look at your outfit. What does it say about you? Are you colorful and quirky, or minimal and serious? Fashion, like any art, is designed with intention. And graphic designers can learn a lot about color theory, application, and even design trends by following what’s happening now in . . . Read more

Concurrency on Android with Service

In this tutorial we’ll explore the Service component and its superclass, the IntentService. You’ll learn when and how to use this component to create great concurrency solutions for long-running background operations. We’ll also take quick look at IPC (Inter Process Communication), to learn how to communicate with services running on different processes. To follow this . . . Read more

We Heart CodePen: the Most Popular Pens From Tuts+

CodePen is an invaluable tool–it helps us explain things and makes our front-end code tutorials all the more engaging. In recognition of that fact, let’s take a look at some pens from Tuts+ tutorials and courses which have really struck a chord with our community! Building a Vertical Timeline This . . . Read more

Getting Started With ScrollMagic

The proliferation of JavaScript front-end libraries has made many tasks simpler for web designers and developers. In our new short course, Getting Started With ScrollMagic, you’ll learn how to use the ScrollMagic library, which simplifies the process of creating scrollbar-driven events and animations in JavaScript. What You’ll Learn Envato Tuts+ instructor Craig . . . Read more