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15 Best Soundtracks for Instructional Videos

If you’ve ever studied a great film or video, you know that the soundtrack creates the mood. This applies equally to great cinema as it does to instructional videos and multimedia projects. Whatever the subject of an instructional video, the soundtrack selected to accompany it is critical to fostering a . . . Read more

Distortion Masterclass for Ableton Suite: Part 1

About Distortion Distortion is the modification of an audio signal. The modification changes the waveform of audio. People usually avoid distortion, but in some cases it may be desirable. Musicians and mixing engineers use distortion as a musical effects, especially for guitars. Different distortions have varying audibility levels. You can . . . Read more

Concurrency in RxJava 2

A multithreaded app has two or more parts that can run in parallel. This lets the app make better use of the cores inside the device CPU. This lets it get tasks done faster and leads to a smoother and more responsive experience for the user.  Coding for concurrency in . . . Read more

25 Awesome Overlays for Video

If you’ve developed a love for video and you don’t know about overlays, you need this article. For those who already know, and are searching for the perfect overlay, we’ve got you covered. Overlays are indispensable building blocks for adding visual variety and power to videos. Whether you want to . . . Read more