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What Questions Should You Ask in a Job Interview?

Believe it or not, some marketing executives have heard these questions during a job interview: “Do you believe in aliens?” “Can my mom sit in on the interview?” Candidates need to rehearse how they’ll answer common job interview questions, as well as the odd ones. It’s best to be prepared for both: . . . Read more

Getting Started With Paper.js: Animation and Images

So far in this series, I have covered projects and items, paths and geometry, and user interaction in Paper.js. The library also allows you to animate various items in your projects. If you combine it with the ability to act based on user input, you can create some really cool effects. . . . Read more

14 Photography Portfolio Themes for WordPress

In this updated roundup we’ll take a look at some important things to consider when building an online photography portfolio with WordPress. We’ll go over eight tips and ideas, simultaneously looking at some top selling themes from Envato Market to help demonstrate each point. Say cheese! Updated? That’s right. This article . . . Read more

How to Track Your Social Media ROI (Get Better Results)

Optimizing your social media profiles, using the right tools, and incorporating your brand voice in the messages you share with your audience is essential for creating an effective social media strategy. Considering social media is a powerful way to connect with your audience, you cannot afford to ignore it. If you . . . Read more