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Learn the Basics of PHP for WordPress in Our New Course

PHP is the language of WordPress. If you want to customize WordPress, for example by coding themes or plugins, PHP is the programming language you’ll need to learn. In our new Coffee Break Course, WordPress Coding Basics: Learn PHP, Envato Tuts+ instructor Rachel McCollin will give you a quick, ten-minute . . . Read more

12 Best Contact Form PHP Scripts

Contact forms are a must have for every website. They encourage your site visitors to engage with you while potentially lowering the amount of spam you get. For businesses, this engagement with visitors increases the chances of turning them into clients or customers and thus increasing revenue. Whether your need . . . Read more

How to Use the Google Cloud Vision API in Android Apps

Computer vision is considered an AI-complete problem. In other words, solving it would be equivalent to creating a program that’s as smart as humans. Needless to say, such a program is yet to be created. However, if you’ve ever used apps like Google Goggles or Google Photos—or watched the segment . . . Read more