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Easy iOS Push Notifications With back4app

Introduction In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to easily implement push notifications in your iOS app using a cloud-based, third-party back-end service. We will start by looking at the required steps for any iOS app to implement push notifications and then use back4app (based on the Parse . . . Read more

Photographs are Alive

sunset murmurationeverything is sacredeven you Eugene Maurice (French, active 1870s) [Still life of Birds], late 19th century, Albumen silver print 35.3 x 27.1 cm (13 7/8 x 10 11/16 in.) The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles read more

How to Create Perfectly Centered Text With Flexbox

There’s nothing particularly impressive about horizontally centering your content; you’ve been doing it for years. But what about vertically centering your variable-height content? In this video from my course, 6 Flexbox Projects for Web Designers, you’ll learn how Flexbox tackles this problem with minimal effort.  How to Create Perfectly Centered Content With Flexbox . . . Read more

How to Create an Animated Waterfall

Are you ready to fight against another dangerous enemy of your game? An enemy? Yes—it’s the performance! As we discussed in my last article, poor performance will kill a great game. On mobile and web platforms, especially, performance is a really big issue. But this is not only a current issue: . . . Read more

Envato Market in 60 Seconds: Author Ratings

In this super-quick video I’ll introduce you to Envato Market’s author ratings. Author ratings are important because they communicate the quality of your items, whilst serving as a metric of customer satisfaction. Author Ratings   You can find your author rating on the right side of your profile page–for more . . . Read more

Getting Started With a React Native App Template

Designing a React Native app from scratch is often a cumbersome process—especially the design part, because you have to plan for both Android and iOS devices. Not only that, but you also have to make sure your app looks nice on different screen sizes.  This is where templates come in . . . Read more

Understanding Forms and Events in React

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about forms and events in React. We’ll start by creating a simple React-based app and then add a form and some elements. Then we’ll see how to add events to the form elements. If you are a beginner with React, I would recommend reading the . . . Read more

Firebase Security Rules

Firebase Realtime Database security rules are how you secure your data from unauthorised users and protect your data structure.   In this quick tip tutorial, I will explain how to configure your database security rules properly so that only authorised users have read or write access to data. I’ll also . . . Read more