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How to Be a Smart iPhone Buyer, Part 2

The best way to buy a new iPhone depends, to some extent, on what sort of buyer you are. In these two tutorials, I’ll show you how to be a smart iPhone buyer and make how to make an informed decision. Further Considerations In the previous tutorial, I explained different . . . Read more

What Is the Android Activity Lifecyle?

In my previous post, you learned that Intents let us send messages from one Android component to another. Well, one very important kind of component is an Activity.  Activities are a fundamental part of Android app development. And it’s impossible to understand Activities without also understanding their lifecycles. In this . . . Read more

Object-Oriented Programming With JavaScript

What You’ll Be Creating Are you familiar with the term “spaghetti code”? This is a metaphor you might hear from non-JavaScript developers in criticism of the language. It is code with no structure. It will consist of line after line of statements. Some may be wrapped in functions, some not at all. . . . Read more

Which Metric Should You Use to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

In UX design, metrics are used to measure how something is performing, and the “Net Promoter Score” (NPS)  is recognised as being the gold standard of measuring satisfaction. Satisfaction may be a fairly good indicator for success when assessing your customers, however, there is often little or no connection between satisfaction . . . Read more