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Elixir Metaprogramming Basics

Metaprogramming is a powerful, yet pretty complex technique, that means a program can analyze or even modify itself during runtime. Many modern languages support this feature, and Elixir is no exception.  With metaprogramming, you may create new complex macros, dynamically define and defer code execution, which allows you to write . . . Read more

How to Use the Android ListView Component

Introduction Lists of related items are needed for almost every app. An example of this is your Gmail app, which displays a scrollable list of messages. To add this functionality to your app, make use of the Android ListView component. In this tutorial, you will build an app that uses . . . Read more

Building Games With Python 3 and Pygame: Part 2

Overview This is part two of a five-part series of tutorials about making games with Python 3 and Pygame. In part one, I introduced the series, covered the basics of game programming, introduced Pygame, and examined the game architecture.  In this part, we’ll look at the TextObject class used to . . . Read more