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5 Sketch Courses You Need

Sketch is an amazing application for digital design. Its toolset perfectly suits those who design for the web, UI, or mobile, and it’s also useful for icon design. If you want to learn Sketch thoroughly, these five courses are ideal for you. Whether you want to learn about UI design, . . . Read more

International Artist Feature: Jamaica

Welcome back to our International Artist Series. Today we’re catching up with six incredible artists from Jamaica, a big-hearted island in the Caribbean Sea. I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered great responses. Sanjay Charlton Sanjay is an illustrator and animator from . . . Read more

How to Choose the Right Foundation Grid

In today’s video we’re going to talk about the three grid systems which are currently found in ZURB’s Foundation framework. More specifically, we’ll examine which one we should use in various situations. Let’s jump in! Choosing a Foundation Grid //fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js   1. The Float Grid The first, and longest-serving of . . . Read more

An Introduction to ETS Tables in Elixir

When crafting an Elixir program, you often need to share a state. For example, in one of my previous articles I showed how to code a server to perform various calculations and keep the result in memory (and later we’ve seen how to make this server bullet-proof with the help . . . Read more