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3 Handy New Features in Chrome DevTools

Chrome dev tools are consistently marching forward and providing us with helpful new features that make our lives as web designers easier. In this roundup we’ll be checking out three of the handiest recent additions. Let’s jump in! 1. Inspect and Modify CSS Variable Values If you were using CSS . . . Read more

How to Add Pictures & Backgrounds in Keynote Presentations

Apple’s Keynote presentation software offers ease-of-use and powerful features. It has quickly gained popularity as a way to build powerful visual aids that support your presentation. Images are found in many presentations as a way to add visual interest or support your speaking points. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how . . . Read more

How to Use SVG Patterns as Backgrounds

SVG patterns offer a more flexible approach to repeating a background image on a web page than CSS tiling. Let’s look at why that is, and how you can use them. What You’ll Learn This tutorial is available in both video and textual form–here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn: . . . Read more