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30 Royalty-Free Cartoon Sound Effects

We all remember those great sounds that accompanied the action in our favourite childhood cartoons. Sounds that over the years have become so much a part of our aural and emotional vocabulary that when we hear them on their own without their original accompanying actions, we know exactly what they . . . Read more

How to Create a New Session in Pro Tools

Introduction The most basic, and the first, step towards learning Pro Tools is to create a session. Everything that you do productively will usually be inside a session. Creating a new session in Pro Tools is very easy. Open Pro Tools and go to the Quick Start dialog box, which has . . . Read more

How to Take Constructive Criticism Like a Professional

Let me guess, you don’t like people criticizing you? It doesn’t matter whether it’s your boss, colleagues, or friends, criticisms hurt. The fact is that other people see your flaws better, so learning how to accept criticism is vital if you want to improve at work.  Accepting constructive criticism can . . . Read more

Code an Image Gallery Android App With Picasso

What You’ll Be Creating Picasso is a popular open-source Android library for loading both local and remote images. Learn how to easily use it for handling your image loading needs.  1. What Is Picasso? Picasso (name inspired by the famous French artist Pablo Picasso) is a very popular open-source Android library for . . . Read more

Introduction to Popmotion: Custom Animation Scrubber

In the first part of the Popmotion introductory series, we learned how to use time-based animations like tween and keyframes. We also learned how to use those animations on the DOM, using the performant styler. In part two, we learned how to use pointer tracking and record velocity. We then used that to power the velocity-based animations spring, decay, . . . Read more