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Performant Animations Using KUTE.js: Part 1, Getting Started

KUTE.js is a JavaScript-based animation engine which focuses on performance and memory efficiency while animating different elements on a webpage. I have already written a series on using Anime.js to create JavaScript-based animations. This time we will learn about KUTE.js and how we can use it to animate CSS properties, . . . Read more

15+ Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives

Whether you’re a photographer, a painter, or a web designer, one thing remains a constant: You need a portfolio. After all, portfolios are the time-tested, best way to give potential clients a look into your work history and methodology. I’ll give you an example. A photographer needs a portfolio to . . . Read more

Look at This Food Lay Flat!

Wine and Snack Set from Envato Elements. Today’s Image: Wine and Snack Set. This image is by Sonyakamoz, and it’s available on Envato Elements. A Closer Look at This Image In a flat lay photo (also known as “lay flat” photo), the image is taken from directly above. This style is popular with . . . Read more

New Course: Building a Landing Page That Converts

Whether you want your visitors to buy a product, sign up to your newsletter or take another action, a well-designed landing page can be a very powerful tool of persuasion. In our new course, Building a Landing Page That Converts, you’ll get a detailed step-by-step guide to building an effective . . . Read more