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30 Top Video Templates From the VideoHive Front Page (Winter 2019)

Discover creative, popular templates on Envato’s VideoHive marketplace. Whether you’re looking
for awesome new effects for After Effects, useful lower thirds for Premiere or some eye-catching titles for Final Cut Pro/Apple Motion,
we’ve got something for you.

30 Top Video Templates From VideoHive

1. Seamless
for Premiere Pro

Drop transitions
into the timeline for quick and easy replacements. There are over 100 colour
presets to choose from and sound FX are included!

2. Graphics Pack
for After Effects

With over 1350 graphic elements and 500 sound effects
included, this pack is perfect for a variety of projects.

3. Transitions
for After Effects

This pack contains
over 1500 dynamic transitions for a whole range of films. They’re fully
resizable to any aspect ratio, so they’re great to use across multiple

4. VoluMax
– 3D Photo Animator
for After Effects

Turn your stills into impressive 3D animations in minutes
with this smart animator for Adobe After Effects.

5. Seamless
Transitions for Premiere Pro
for Premiere Pro

Add transitions like flight pan, split slide, glitch, VHS
and much more with this pack for Premiere Pro. Now includes a cool, new ‘target
zoom’ effect! 

Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro
Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro 

6. The
Most Handy Motion Presets for Animation Composer
for After Effects

Browse a comprehensive library, broken town into transitions
and effects for easy access to whatever you need.

– Biggest FX Pack in the World!
For Premiere Pro and After Effects

This bundle aims to be an all-in-one FX pack designed for
video editors, motion graphics designers and filmmakers. With thousands of
elements included, you won’t get bored any time soon.

8. 30
Instagram Stories
for Premiere Pro

Tell your story in a new and engaging way with this
Instagram template pack for Premiere Pro. It includes a bonus of 3 openers too!

9. Text
Preset Pack for Animation Composer
for After Effects

Bring life to your text with this animation composer for
Adobe After Effects. The presets are easy to customise, so you can create
something that fits your project perfectly.

10. Photomotion
X – Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit (5 in 1)
for After Effects

In as little as one click, add loops, animations and
particles. The pack is broken down into five, which contain animations for
every scenario you could think of… and more!

Photomotion X - Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit 5 in 1
Photomotion X – Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit (5 in 1)

11. 140
Flash FX Elements
for After Effects

Add smoke, fire and a variety of other effects and shapes,
with this cool pack for After Effects.

12. Transitions
for Premiere Pro

With 1300 seamless transitions included in this bundle for
Premiere Pro, you’ll find something for just about every video.

13. Instagram
for After Effects

Impress your Instagram followers by using this professional and
engaging set of templates to really show off our Instagram Story.

14. Mogrt
Titles – 700 Animated
for Premiere Pro & After Effects

Change the colour, text and duration on these animated
titles, which are suitable for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. There’s
even a link included to the free font used.

15. Simple
Logo Reveal
for After Effects

A gentle and elegant logo reveal, this template for After
Effects is easy to customise and everything is linked to the control layer.

Simple Logo Reveal
Simple Logo Reveal

16. FCPX
725+ Transitions and Sound FX
for Apple Motion

This template pack contains a variety of transitions like
light leaks, distortions and camera shake, as well as a great choice of sound

17. Dope
Transitions For Premiere Pro

With drag-and-drop functionality and a fast rendering time,
Dope Transitions for Premiere Pro will get you moving in no time.

18. Mosaic
Photo Reveal
for After Effects

Auto fill and size your images in a few clicks with Mosaic
Photo Reveal, which works with video as well as still images.

19. Transitions
for After Effects

Create dynamic and exciting transitions with this After
Effects template set. There are over 1400 presets sorted into 8 different

20. TypoKing
| Title Animation – Kinetic Typography Text
for After Effects and Premiere

Wow your audience with titles that leap from the screen.
There are 27 categories to choose from, which add up to a huge choice of 500!

TypoKing  Title Animation - Kinetic Typography Text
TypoKing | Title Animation – Kinetic Typography Text

21. FCPX
Mega Graphics Pack
for Apple Motion

This download for Apple Motion is an enormous pack of over 1000
graphic assets which would be suited to any project.

22. Effects
for Premiere Pro

Transitions, titles, light leaks… the Effects Pack has it
all and more! Enjoy a comprehensive film making pack all in one place.

23. Modern
For Premiere Pro

Simply drag and drop your effects to get started with the Modern
Transitions pack for Premiere Pro. There are 4 speed variations and each transition
includes a sound effect.

24. Dynamic
Minimalism – Essential Graphics | Mogrt
for Premiere Pro

Control the duration, colour and text with this motion
graphic template set – there are 19 title animation to choose from.

25. Flash
FX Pro – Animation Constructor
for After Effects

Devote more time to your project by saving some using the
Flash FX Pro Animation Constructor. It’s perfect for a slideshow, promo, movie,
Instagram story and much more.

Flash FX Pro - Animation Constructor
Flash FX Pro – Animation Constructor

26. Pretty
Sweet – 2D Animation Toolkit
for After Effects

Pretty Sweet is a fun, bright animation toolkit designed to
let you add comic or cartoon-like effects to your footage, images or text.

27. Auto
Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds
for Premiere Pro

You’ll never have to hunt for the perfect lower thirds
template again. With over 70 options, this pack will keep you going project
after project.

28. Instagram
Stories Bundle
for After Effects

With 90 Instagram Stories templates, 90 post templates, 60
professional colour grades and 62 transitions, this pack is all you’ll need to maximise
your potential on Instagram.

29. Map
Route Generator
for After Effects

Make a map route with animation options like following a
path, rotating around a tracker or creating free camera movement.

30. Neon Sign Kit
for After Effects

If you love retro signage then this is for you; a template
that lets you create a realistic, 3D neon sign for text, logos or images – and you
won’t require any plugins!

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