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How to Make a Quick Tutorial Video (Animated Slideshow) With Placeit

Are you a cracking cook, a makeup marvel or a top traveller?
Whatever skill you have to share, excite and engage your viewers with an insightful
and easy-to-follow tutorial video. Here are some tips on how to nail yours.

What is a Tutorial Video?

You might want to show
your audience how to do or make something
, or perhaps to give them some
practical tips on things like studying, motivation, or fitness. This is where a
tutorial video is perfect, you can use a mix of footage, images and text to
create something engaging for your viewers.

How Can I Make a
Tutorial Video?

There’s no right or
wrong way! You might want to invest in some equipment, like a camera and
lighting, or you might want to film your tutorial video on your phone. Here are
some tips to get it looking and sounding its best.

  • Use a tripod
    to keep your image steady
  • Turn off autofocus
    so the camera doesn’t ‘hunt’ when you move around
  • Attach a separate
    audio recorder
    , don’t rely on the in-camera microphone

Try a Template

Templates are a brilliant way to make something that looks
professional, while being easy and quick to do. If templates for popular
software suites like Adobe Premiere
and After
aren’t really for you, then you might want to try Placeit, where
you have everything you need, right there on the website.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect, using the template “Slideshow
Maker for a Productivity Step by Step Tutorial
” from Placeit.

This is the layout you’ll see when you open the template

initial layout

The fonts and text are on the left; effects, colours and
images are on the right and each slide is shown along the bottom, with the
option to add more if you need them.

Change your first slide to introduce your video.

change first slide

I’ve changed the colour from green to blue, added the words ‘Tutorial
’ as a title, and changed the background from plants to a nice zen water scene to match
the new colours. 

Hitting Preview Slide at the top will let you see the
changes to that slide so far, with Preview Full Video, unsurprisingly, letting
you preview the whole project so far. You can use the stock footage and images
provided or you can upload your own.

Slightly frustratingly, you have to re-select your colours
for every slide. Here’s a work around: can get one slide how you
want it, then hover over it and hit duplicate slide and then make changes to

Remember to add your logo and/or branding and things like contact
details and your website so that your fans know where they can find more great

Here’s a demo of how it might look.



You can buy templates individually, or subscribe to Placeit
and use as many as you like. Why not try one of the other great tutorial

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