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6 Top Tips to Create Engaging Event Promo Videos

If you’re planning an event or filming one for a client, you only get one chance to get
your video right, so let’s look at some tips to help you get the most out of
your filming.

We’ve also included some templates for Adobe Premiere Pro, from Envato Elements to
help you get started.  

1. Know Your Call to Action

Why are you creating a promotional video? Is it to get
people to sign up to attend, or maybe to create awareness or a buzz around your
event? Knowing what you want from your video will help you to make sure you’re
getting your message across.

When Nike were holding their Nike Academy event, they
created a high-energy
promo video
with a great message to get their followers excited. It’s along
the lines of ‘miss this and miss out.’

Try a Template

Minimal Event

This simple but
attractive Premiere Pro template is perfect for a corporate event, with plenty
of space for text to add your specific call to action.

Minimal Event
Minimal Event

2. Make Sure the Tone of the Film is Representative
of the Brand

All of your branding should be consistent. Though it can be
tricky to know quite how your specific event will unfold at the time you’re creating
the promo video, try to keep everything recognisably, the brand that the video
will represent.

Try a Template

Conference & Event

If you’re looking for an understated but professional event
video, then this template will suit your project well.

Conference  Event
Conference & Event

3. Don’t be Tempted to Hold Back Good Footage

What you’re promoting could be the first time anyone has
heard of it. It’s sometimes tempting to think about holding back your best
footage for a video later – resist that! Whilst it’s sensible not to overwhelm
your audience, don’t be worried about giving too much away, it might be the
only chance to make a great first impression.

Try a Template

CallOuts | For Premiere Pro and
After Effects

There are 350 callouts to use in this event video template,
so you’ll have tons of choice when you’re annotating or labelling your video.
Sound effects are included!

CallOuts  For Premiere Pro and After Effects
CallOuts | For Premiere Pro and After Effects

4. Try Something Different

If your event is a little less than exciting, try using a
different type of event video to promote it. A viewer might not care about your
very-specific-subject-conference, but they might like to watch a timelapse
of the setup
for example. Or you might want to try interviewing your main
speakers beforehand, in a ‘meet the speakers’ sort of way.

Try a Template

Conference Event Corporate Promotion

Designed to work with After Effects and Premiere Pro, this event
template is fast-paced and brightly coloured, great for an upbeat event that
you want to create a real buzz for.

Conference Event Corporate Promotion
Conference Event Corporate Promotion

5.  Make it Shareable

Aside from content, which obviously needs to hold at least
some interest, you should prepare your event promo video for sharing on social
media – and that might mean making more than one version of it. Different
lengths of video work better depending on your intended channel, and don’t
forget to add
to encourage more people to watch it.

 Try a Template

Typo Opener for Premiere Pro

Keep it simple but dynamic by making typography the main
feature of your event video. It’s flexible, eye-catching and inspirational.

Typo Opener for Premiere Pro
Typo Opener for Premiere Pro

6. It Needs to Stand up on its own

If you’re posting your video around social media and beyond,
it might be seen out of context from any other work you might do on the same
event. With that in mind, remember to make it stand up on its own – include contact
information, event information and anything else that someone might need if
this was the only thing they see. It sounds obvious, but sometimes we’re so
involved in our own projects that what might seem clear to us can be less so to
our audience.

Try a Template

Flip Counter Creator for Premiere

Generate some excitement in your video with a cool flip
counter. There are two versions included and you can choose text instead of
numbers if that suits your project better.

Flip Counter Creator for Premiere
Flip Counter Creator for Premiere

More Event Promo Helpers

If you want to add even more to your event video, check out Envato Elements for more great Premiere Pro templates.