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20 Simple PowerPoint (PPT) Templates to Make Basic Presentations Quickly

Less can really be more when you’re building a PowerPoint presentation. 

You don’t need a lot of graphics and fancy designs to get your point across. In today’s fast-paced world, the elegance of simple elegant PowerPoint templates is worth more than ever

Simple presentation designs have everything you need to convey your message to your audience. 

Elements Simple Slide Example
A simple slide design like this one included with Agio from Envato Elements showcases how a simple design can help an audience focus on key content.

Just as importantly, simple slide designs don’t have many distractions and decorations. Simple PowerPoint templates are truly versatile, and you’ll find that they can be used for almost any subject. 

Plus, they’re quick to build, without many complicated designs that take time to work out. What’s more: clean and simple presentation designs last forever. They never go out of style.

The Best Source for Simple PowerPoint Templates

Envato Elements is the perfect place to find winning simple PowerPoint templates. For a low monthly fee, you can unlock unlimited downloads of PowerPoint themes, photos, videos, fonts, and other resources to use in your next project. 

simple PowerPoint templates on Elements
Browse through the hundreds of simple PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements.

Elements is truly one of the best values out there for creatives today. And with the unlimited downloads, you’ve got the freedom to try out a variety of options as you build out your new simple PowerPoint presentation. With Elements simple, elegant PowerPoint templates you’ll find key items such as:

  • bold text and title slides to capture audience attention
  • rich image placeholders to show off photos and videos
  • simple charts to illustrate data
  • customizable layouts to make every theme your own

As you can see from the example image below, Elements templates like this one deliver a modern and simple style that’s ready to present your content.

5 Top Modern PowerPoint Templates from Envato Elements

Let’s dive in and check out five simple, clean PowerPoint templates available now on Envato Elements.

1. Agio: PowerPoint Presentation

Agio PowerPoint Presentation

With ten stylish color options and dozens of customized slides, Agio is the perfect starting point as you explore simple presentation designs. Make sure to try out several of them to find a look and feel that suits your message. There are even cool chart templates if you’ve got data to share.

2. Raffel – Multipurpose & Creative Template

Raffel Multipurpose Theme

When you think of clean PowerPoint templates, it might be tempting to imagine them as flat and colorless. But that isn’t the case, as the Raffel template vividly illustrates. With a dark, moody feel and flashy bright data styling, Raffel is easy to use but packs a powerful visual punch. It’s especially suited for a corporate setting, with a variety of custom corporate layouts built in.

3. Fluent PowerPoint Template

Fluent PowerPoint Template

Fluent keeps the focus on words and pictures with its use of refined white space. This minimalist PowerPoint template is ideal for cases where you truly need to minimize all distractions and maintain laser focus on the task at hand. Be sure to check out the master slides in the Slide Master to easily edit the entire slide deck in just a few clicks.

4. Simple PowerPoint Template

Simple PowerPoint Template

For another example of dark contrast, turn to this dark and simple presentation design. It’s great if you intend to share your slides in a low-light setting where bright backgrounds would be blinding. Explore the powerful assortment of creative charts and make even the dullest data into something both beautiful and unforgettable.

5. Fortuna Simple Template

Fortuna Simple Template

Fortuna is one of the best simple PowerPoint templates, with modern style and colors inspired by natural light. Perfect for bright and clean corporate pitch decks and marketing presentations alike, all content is fully editable to help you bring out the best in any message you’re trying to deliver.

15 Simple, Elegant PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver

You can already tell how easy it is to use simple PowerPoint templates to quickly create basic presentations. And with GraphicRiver, you unlock even more stunning professional options. 

simple PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver
Simple PowerPoint templates (designs for 2019), available for sale on GraphicRiver.

GraphicRiver allows you to purchase templates individually, rather than paying a flat fee. It’s a great way to control costs without paying a subscription. Each of these 15 simple PowerPoint designs includes everything you need to create your next presentation.

1. Simple PRO PowerPoint

Simple Pro PowerPoint

It’s hard to beat this minimalist PowerPoint template for both style and ease of use. This is a perfect reminder that choosing a simple, clean presentation design doesn’t mean giving up fashion and style. Tailored to meet the needs of any business, this template lets you build a basic presentation with a global feel. You’ll find that it includes:

  • dozens of easily customizable slides
  • 15 maps to highlight your presence at home and abroad
  • hundreds of editable icons

2. SIMPLE PowerPoint Presentation – As SIMPLE As I’m

Simple PowerPoint Presentation As Simple as Im

Simple elegance never fails to impress, and that fact is vividly illustrated right here. SIMPLE is right in the name, and with a few clicks you can build this clean presentation to meet every need. The amazing visual graphics are professionally designed, but can be edited right inside of PowerPoint. No graphic design experience required!

  • hip graphics introduce you and your team to the world
  • tech mockups let you show your apps and websites off in style
  • infographics transform data from bland into beautiful

3. Simple and Clean Presentation

Simple Presentation

As you develop your next basic presentation with premium templates, it really pays to capture all the value that you can in a single template. Simple Presentation does just that, with hundreds of unique slides that fit every mission. Each one is fully editable, making your design options virtually limitless.

  • 1,000 unique icons for new style
  • 20+ unique color schemes
  • maps, charts, and tables to dress up data

4. Minimal PowerPoint

Minimal PowerPoint

Another inspired white PowerPoint template is this minimalist offering. It incorporates stylistic use of whitespace with vibrant color contrasts to maintain interest. Try it out for your next presentation for a simple and clean look.

  • 500+ unique slides
  • modern image placeholders to enhance photos
  • custom mockups and infographics

5. Simple Vision PowerPoint Presentation

Simple Vision PowerPoint Presentation

A simple presentation design is often the best way to introduce your organization to the world. Naturally, you want the focus to remain on you instead of on your fancy custom slides. They should complement rather than surpass your message. This introductory vision template captures this idea in refined style. It’s perfect for use as a venture capital pitch deck, marketing presentation, or informational overview.

  • quote placeholders to announce your guiding principles
  • introductory image slides to meet your team
  • task and objective highlights to focus on the mission

6. Simple Elegant PowerPoint Template

Simple Elegant

Sometimes, it’s easy to abandon what’s stylish for what’s easy. No need with this elegant clean design; you can truly focus on both style and ease here. This template brings modern polish to any setting, and includes a full set of editable tables and charts.

  • maps to highlight your niche in the global environment
  • data visualizations to make visions into images
  • dynamic image placeholders to illustrate people and products

7. Minimal PowerPoint Presentation

Minimal PowerPoint Presentation

True minimalism focuses on binary colors. Such as the case here, with this grayscale simple PowerPoint template. If bright colors distract from your key ideas, choose this one and deliver it with confidence. And remember—printouts will exactly match what’s on-screen, no need to use expensive ink!

  • large image placeholders add a retro vibe
  • text offsets beautifully against a stark background
  • charts highlight the data instead of themselves

8. Simple Triangle

Simple Triangle

Bold special style statements need not be complex. Put that idea to work with Simple Triangle, a clear and concise presentation template suited for any business use. Whether you’re a global corporation or a tiny nonprofit, your sense of style will be complemented by this minimalist, inspired template.

  • 100+ slides deliver unbeatable versatility
  • standard and widescreen versions suit any device
  • 3 color themes enable instant changes in appearance

9. Motagua – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Motagua Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

As you explore simple presentation designs, Motagua is truly a creative powerhouse in a single download. It has slides designed to suit almost any topic you can imagine, and each is customizable with a variety of color and layout options. Custom icons and polished infographics deliver even more valuable to this winning basic PowerPoint template.

  • social media layouts to highlight your online presence
  • dozens of color themes and thousands of icons, all fully editable
  • tens of thousands of slides in total

10. Simplicity 2.0 – Premium and Easy to Edit Template

Simplicity 20 Premium Template

Simplicity 2.0 strips away distracting graphics and visuals to deliver a clean look to any subject. What doesn’t disappear is an expert appearance that inspires confidence in your words and message. Modern PowerPoint templates like this one deliver results by making every piece of content count.

  • product showcases bring your brand to life
  • analysis charts drive deliberation and decisions
  • infographics indisputably convey results through data

11. Mark Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Mark Multipurpose Template

Mark is a diverse and customizable minimalist PowerPoint template that you can make all your own. With an array of editable options, hundreds of themes, and bright and dark designs, you can transform the very essence of your slide deck in a single click. This one works well for almost any purpose: business, personal, or anything in between.

  • 176 unique slides
  • thousands of custom icons
  • custom help files to guide your creative journey

12. Space PowerPoint

Space PowerPoint

One of the best and most versatile basic PowerPoint templates available today, Space PowerPoint encompasses boundless possibilities in a single package. If you’re looking for a single template usable for a variety of different purposes, you’ve found just the right one. As diverse as they are, every slide shares a unified design that you can customize, courtesy of the robust icons and placeholders.

  • 150+ unique slide layouts
  • customizable colors, icons, and infographics
  • design elements themed around time and space

13. Startup Pitch Presentation

Startup Pitch Presentation

Pitching your startup business is all about making a great first impression. And to do that, you need a simple PowerPoint template to support your offer. This one is the ideal choice: it includes all the basic elements you’ll need, with text, images, and charts ready to go. It’s simple enough to fit any business, yet robust enough to focus on any detail.

  • market maps illustrate the competitive landscape
  • device mockups bring software and sites to life
  • infographics bring confirmed power to promises

14. Project Timeline PowerPoint Template

Project Timeline PowerPoint Template

Projects can get very complex, but talking about them doesn’t have to. Simple clean PowerPoint templates like this one provide project updates to stakeholders quickly and smoothly. Use this to track work from start to finish efficiently.

  • 10 custom color schemes to easily style your slide deck
  • 83 unique designs to highlight any business case
  • dark and light versions to invert style quickly

15. Clean & Creative Bundle PowerPoint 2019

Clean  Creative Bundle

Want a basic PowerPoint template design, but have a fun and quirky sense of style? Choose this template that meets both needs. You’ll find everything from full image slides to infographics and maps right here. Each of the ten included themes delivers a full-color palette, which when coupled with your content delivers a specialized and unique vibe to your new slide deck.

  • minimalist styling refines any content
  • 8 color themes for added versatility
  • 1000+ icons for use on any slide

Top PowerPoint Tips for Simple Presentations

As you can see, amazing simple PowerPoint templates are waiting for you. No matter which one you choose, there are a few things to always keep in mind when you’re building your next basic PowerPoint presentation. By following these, your slides will look their best, and you can count on keeping your audience engaged.

1. Focus on the Message

The key to any presentation is for the slides to complement the message. This is really just a matter of planning. Try outlining your key points and highlights before you ever open PowerPoint. By doing this, you can ensure you build slides that support your big ideas. Use images where appropriate, and always try to present data in charts, rather than textual format. This is easier for audiences to follow and makes sure they stay focused.

Focus on the message screenshot
Use simple slides with a few impactful points to keep the audience’s focus on a big idea.

2. Keep it Concise

Ever been in a meeting with a similarly endless slide deck? We all have, and the last thing you want is to give a presentation like this yourself. By using your presentation to reinforce points and illustrate details, you can ensure it doesn’t run too long. If you find yourself drifting in boredom while creating a slide, chances are your future audience will as well. Brevity is the trick.

3. Keep it Neat

Nothing is more frustrating to see than a cluttered PowerPoint slide. Messy layouts hint at sloppy design – and they’re also impossible to read from the back of a room. It’s usually best to build slides with larger fonts and graphics, with plenty of open space. This makes for a neat and clean appearance and ensures anyone in sight can comfortably view and understand every element.

4. Don’t Settle for Default Designs

Each of the simple PowerPoint templates featured above starts off with a default design. Colors, layouts, and fonts are pre-selected. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to use that exact design! Each one includes an array of customization options, including layout adjustments, colors, fonts, and more. Plus, you can always use PowerPoint’s built-in suite of edits and adjustments. It helps to build out your content first, and then experiment with different appearances. When you find the perfect one, you’re all set to use it on other slides.

5. Pick a Linear Flow

Even with the best planning, sometimes your slides won’t turn out in a perfect order. That’s okay, because with PowerPoint’s powerful built-in Slide Sorter, you can instantly rearrange your entire presentation at a glance. Just go to the View tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon, and click to launch Slide Sorter. All of your slides will display on a single screen, and you can just click and drag to reorder them. It’s worth it to try out a few sequences to get a feel for what flows best.

Pick a linear flow
Use views like Slide Sorter to re-sequence slides in an order that’ll build a narrative.

Check out this guide to learn more top PowerPoint tips that our readers use to build confidence in their presentations:

Simple PowerPoint Designs Made Easy

As you’ve seen, it’s easy to quickly create beautiful, simple PowerPoint presentations in just a few minutes. This article focused on some of the top simple presentation designs available today. Simple PowerPoint templates jumpstart your creative process by providing you all the tools you need to get started. 

And now, building simple, elegant PowerPoint presentations is easier than ever, thanks to professional custom themes from Elements and GraphicRiver. Whether you prefer a subscription model or a pay-per-download platform, Envato has something for everyone. Start exploring today to bring your presentation style to a higher level!