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15 Best Instagram Ad Templates on Placeit for 2019

Instagram is a booming social media tool. This means it’s also a key resource for marketers selling their products. If you need to advertise on Instagram, remember that you are competing in a very crowded space. That’s why it’s key to compete through professional-quality marketing and memorable ads. 

Fortunately, using these Instagram ad templates from Placeit, you don’t have to be a graphic designer, animator, or professional marketer to succeed. Placeit, a part of Envato, is an incredible online resource for content creators to build projects right inside of a web browser. 

Placeit ad builder
Placeit’s tools make it easy to build a video that requires no animation software, ready for posting and sharing on Instagram.

You don’t need access to, or skills in, advanced editing or graphics software. Instead, you can simply choose a project template that works for you, drop in your own content, and download a finished product that’s ready to use! You’ll be done in just a few clicks while getting miles ahead of your competition. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 of the best Instagram ad templates on Placeit!

The Best Instagram Templates on Placeit

1. Instagram Video Maker for an Inspirational Quote Video with Fun Animations

This is our top choice for simple photo-and-text Instagram ads. Simply add your photos to the placeholders and add your own stylish text for a quick and easy production!



2. Animation Maker for Instagram Posts Featuring Kinetic Typography

Sometimes stunning text makes the best Instagram ad. Use this to your advantage with this quick template: just add in your text and logo.



3. Instagram Ad Video Maker for Promo Videos

Use this promo template to build interest in your next marketing campaign on Instagram. With fashionable backgrounds and shifting, swirling overlays, it’s designed to capture attention fast.



4. Video Maker for Inspirational Quote Videos with Geometric Animations

Shifting geometric backgrounds and bold text overlays make this template an excellent choice for Instagram ads. The ethereal graphics engage viewers in busy timelines and get your brand noticed and remembered.



5. Sale Slideshow Video Maker for Instagram Ad Videos for a Clothing Brand

Built for clothing and fashion brands, this design ad promo definitely makes a statement. Make your pitch in high style with the array of overlays and flashy effects. 



6. Offer Slideshow Video Maker for a Music Promo Video

Successful bands today know they must have a strong social media presence. Instagram is a big part of this, and this multipurpose music promo is an excellent start for advertising on social media!



7. Instagram Ad Video Maker with Cool Animations

With its collection of simple overlays and bright backgrounds, this Instagram ad template is both versatile and easy to use. If you need flexibility and simplicity, you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.



8. Sales Slideshow Maker for an Instagram Promo Video

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so perhaps slideshows are nearly priceless. Promote your products and brand in fast sequence with this Instagram slideshow maker. All you have to do is drop in your own photos and go!



9. Instagram Slideshow Maker for a Product Overview Video with Cool Animations

Expanding on the slideshow theme, this action-packed template delivers awesome backing animations along with a complete set of colors and layouts. Don’t forget to explore different transitions to make every Instagram promo truly your own.



10. Instagram Slideshow Maker to Create a Product Catalog Video with Animations

Showcase your complete product lineup with this fun catalog video. Instagram videos are short, so this is the ideal way to pack a serious marketing offer into a compact package.



11. Tutorial Slideshow Maker for a Makeup Tutorial

Promoting cosmetics on Instagram is an art unto itself. You’re entering a crowded market! In order to stand out, use a professional template like this one to showcase your craft.



12. Text Animation Maker for Instagram Posts with Colorful Lines

These animated lines stylize your text without distracting from it. Plus, you can add even more variety by adjusting each of the four color placeholders to build a unique palette.



13. Animation Maker for Instagram Posts Featuring Floating Minimalistic Text Blocks

Trying to draw emphasis to text ads rather than image backgrounds? This template meets your need, with dynamic floating text boxes to promote all your content in a flash.



14. Logo Reveal Animation Maker for Instagram Posts

As a brand on the cusp of brilliant success, part of the process is putting your logo into the hearts and minds of the public. An Instagram ad template like this to help you get started.



15. Animation Maker for Instagram Posts Featuring Food Delivery Animation

Close the sale of your food delivery services with this quirky and enjoyable Instagram ad promo template. A vibrant color palette and fast-paced graphics hint at speed, service, and success.



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