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5 Amazing Assets for Stunning Wildlife Photography

Photographing animals is a skill developed over time. Understanding your subject and its habitat are the foundations of making great images. Here, we share five of our favourite assets from Envato Elements to help you with your wildlife photography, plus some great tips to get you started if you’re a newbie.

1. Wildlife
Business Card Template

What better way to advertise your wildlife photography than on your
business card. Wildlife Business Card
for Adobe Photoshop is
editable, so you can customise it to suit your needs.

Wildlife Business Card Template
Wildlife Business Card Template

2. Nature
Lightroom Presets

Nature Lightroom Presets includes ten unique effects that
will show your wildlife and nature scenes at the best.  The download comes with a bonus pack of 12
hi-res nature stock photographs that are free to use.

Nature Lightroom Presets
Nature Lightroom Presets

3. Thirdlone
Font Duo & Vector Pack

Thirdlone is a nicely
presented handmade typeface with monoline and sans. The styling works really
well with wildlife photography, bringing to mind national park signs, travel
and adventure. The font also includes multilingual support.

Thirdlone Font Duo  Vector Pack
Thirdlone Font Duo & Vector Pack

4. Photography
Collection Powerpoint Template

Creating a slideshow for your images is a great way to show
them off during talks, presentations or even as social media sharing videos.
Try the Photography Collection for Powerpoint, which includes 20 unique slides
specially suited to showing photography at its best.

Photography Collection Powerpoint Template
Photography Collection Powerpoint Template

5. Photoshop
Brush Watercolor Butterflies ABR

If the gentler side of wildlife photography is your thing, check out the
Watercolour Butterflies brush set for Photoshop. They’re made from original
watercolour paintings, and are perfect for including in a watermark or as a
feature on a business card and other promotional literature.

Photoshop Brush Watercolor Butterflies ABR
Photoshop Brush Watercolor Butterflies ABR

Each asset here is
from Envato
, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Wonderful Wildlife Photos

  • Use a long lens. Whether
    it’s a
    telephoto lens
    you’re using, or a
    macro lens
    , you should be far enough away from your subject not to frighten
    them off (or to be safe).
  • Respect your
    environment and be aware of limitations. It’s not fair to destroy a habitat all
    in the name of a good photograph, so always know the surroundings and where it’s
    safe to be.
  • Choose your time
    of day
    wisely, with research. When are the animals you photograph likely to
    be about and at their best?
  • Tell a story!
    Impressive pictures of animals in their habitats are great, but try and combine
    photography with effective storytelling
    for maximum impact.
  • Try using burst
    mode (or continuous shooting mode) to capture images in quick succession, to
    give yourself a better chance of catching a moving animal in focus.

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